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  • Neptune 3

    Waste Management System

    Five years of research and development went into the Neptune 3 System, a multi-tasking device that places focus where it belongs: on safety and efficiency.

  • Neptune E-SEP

    Smoke Evacuation Pencil

    Provides a 2-in-1 solution for electrosurgery and smoke evacuation helping to reduce staff and patient exposure to chemical, carcinogenic, mutagenic viral and bacterial hazards within surgical plume.

  • Neptune Floor Fluid Disposables

    Your total waste management solution

    Helps protect against potential O.R. hazards on the floor that you walk on.

  • Surgical suction

    Standing up for your safety

    The Neptune 3 Waste Management System – with its E-SEP Smoke Evacuation Pencil and Floor Fluid Disposables – helps protect against potential O.R. hazards, from the floor you walk on to the air you breathe. And many safeguards, such as locking away surgical fluid and smoke, are also beneficial for your patients.

  • ProCare Services

    Surgical suction

  • Fluid waste management

    Multi-point protection and efficiency

    Locking away surgical fluid for your safety.

  • Surgical smoke evacuation

    Surgical smoke is only part of the story

    When there’s surgical smoke in the O.R., the long-term effects can be unclear. What is clear is that many substances within smoke have been proven to be mutagenic and carcinogenic associated with a range of health issues. Becoming aware of the potential risks — and taking precautions — can help protect you and your team today and tomorrow.

  • Surgical

    Powering performance. Increasing confidence.

  • Corporate Responsibility

    Our commitment to people and planet

    We believe the health of the world is as important as the people who live in it. We are committed to making responsible decisions that help people and preserve the planet for future generations.