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Sustainability is the center pillar of our Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions organizational strategy – meaning our culture, the business decisions we make and how we operate is all focused with sustainability in mind. 

We’ve committed to a sustainability charter that focuses on environmental goals for us to achieve by 2025. These goals include:

  • ⊛ Reducing our manufacturing waste to landfills

  • ⊛ Reducing our ethylene oxide usage

  • ⊛ Focusing on strengthening our supply chain

  • ⊛ And, educating employees and stakeholders on our green initiatives


Redesigned for Sustainability: going beyond reprocessing

Redesigned for sustainability

As a next evolution of reprocessing, we launched our Redesigned for Sustainability platform in 2020. This takes a lifecycle approach to bringing new products to market and incorporates sustainable design into sourcing, packaging, component design, materials and chemicals, as well as manufacturing and waste solutions.

Redesigned for Sustainability was created to align with our customers sustainability initiatives like Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, harmful chemical reduction and waste reduction goals.


Products for the planet 

To further our sustainability efforts, and drive stronger clinical staff engagement, we developed our Products for the Planet program which provides hospitals the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of National Forests by achieving annual collection goals for single-use devices. 

Because of the efforts of our customers, we’ve been able to plant over more than 220,000 trees that have helped restore National Forests in Oregon, Arizona, West Virginia and Georgia.  

Additionally, we have partnered with Tree Canada to expand our environmental reach. Together with our customers, we donated 80,000 trees across five provinces.

There isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to sustainability, but we are proud of the progress we have made thus far and are excited to continually improve, evolve and learn with our customers.

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