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Stryker's 1788 Platform
The future, in your hands.

The 1788 Platform is Stryker's most sophisticated and comprehensive surgical visualization solution for use in multiple surgical specialties. 


Experience a new era of surgical visualization with
Stryker's 1788 Platform


A. OLED monitor
The 32” 4K OLED Surgical monitor can display more than one billion colors, enabling clearer observation of fine tissue types and structures at a variety of angles.

B. Fluorescence imaging, re-imagined
SPY Contrast, Overlay and ENV modes are integrated into the 1788 Platform, offering clearer delineation of fluorescence signal for improved visualization of perfusion and critical anatomy.1

C. 1788 camera
Greater image sensor sensitivity, higher contrast ratios via true black levels and a more versatile laser wavelength work simultaneously to produce a clear, vivid surgical image.

The SPY Portable Handheld Imager allows surgeons to visualize perfusion in open surgery.

E. Connected OR Hub
Total control of visualization system, easily customized for a more consistent surgical environment.

F. PneumoClear all-inclusive insufflator
First all-inclusive system with integrated heating, humidification and smoke evacuation capabilities, taking your insufflation experience to the next level.2

G. Powerful and versatile CCU
Adapts to multiple specialties.

H. L12 with AutoLight
Improved light control with ‘safelight’ technology.

The 1788 Platform is now cleared to visualize CYTALUX.3,4

Connects to SPY-PHI to enable visualization in open surgery.

J. Connected OR Cart
Optimized OR footprint with enhanced maneuverability.

K. Printer
Print from 4K or HD.

1688 AIM 4K Platform

Tone mode
Designed to balance brightness and illuminate shadows across the field of view by enhancing posterior lighting without compromising foreground detail.


Full frame HDR
Seeing is believing! Now with high dynamic range (HDR), designed to provide more detail in shadows and highlights of the image. 


Experience one
billion colors

62.5x more colors for more authentic and vibrant anatomical imagery.


Fluorescence imaging, 

Experience clearer delineation of fluorescence signal designed for improved visualization of critical anatomy and perfusion.

Image Modalities

White light
Vivid, vibrant white light image.

SPY overlay mode
Best in class 4K white light image with integrated fluorescence imaging.

SPY contrast mode
High-contrast fluorescence visualization in grayscale.

SPY ENV mode
4K fluorescence displayed in grayscale.

Improved usability by enabling simultaneous visualization of fluorescence imaging and IRIS ureteral stents.

Emits only green and short blue wavelengths to provide higher contrast of vascular structures on the mucosal surface. 

Provides a more detailed color map to evaluate a wider range of florescence intensities 

SPY-PHI Fluorescence Imaging technology
For an enlightened perspective on open surgery

SPY-PHI Fluorescence Imaging Technology

The SPY Portable Handheld Imager (SPY-PHI) utilizes SPY Fluorescence Imaging technology, and allows surgeons to visualize blood flow in vessels and related tissue perfusion during plastic, microsurgical, reconstructive and gastrointestinal procedures. SPY-PHI’s modalities include: white light, SPY Fluorescence Mode, Overlay Fluorescence Mode and Color-Segmented Fluorescence Mode.

One clear solution to simplify safety in the OR.

PneumoClear’s smart and integrated management system is designed to maintain stability while actively evacuating smoke, helping to protect against the harmful effects of surgical plume.8

93% of nurses feel more comfortable working in the OR with a smoke evacuation device in use.9
27-30 The average daily impact of surgical smoke is equal to 27-30 unfiltered cigarettes.10
Pneumoclear - One clear solution to simplify safety in the OR.

The future of software.

Now introducing the Connected OR Hub Video Imaging Processing (VIP) Package

Anticipate your needs with Stryker’s first software solution designed with artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts in mind.

Connected OR Hub - Video Image Processing Package

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