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Our simple interventions drive
extraordinary outcomes

Let’s address the risk of infection and injury – together.
We’re focused on the power of prevention to improve healthcare

Our Sage products help improve patient outcomes and caregiver efficiency across the continuum of care. These solutions are designed to address preventable never-events while fitting seamlessly into your workflow and improving your facility's bottom line.

Together, we can make healthcare better.

Call 800 323 2220 to talk to us about establishing a comprehensive prevention program at your facility.

Innovative products that make a
clinical and financial impact

We make products that clinicians use on patients across the continuum of care. In some cases, those patients are members of our own families. That means quality is non-negotiable.

Infection prevention
Helping to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired conditions

Oral hygiene

Address risk factors associated with pneumonia

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Patient cleansing

Standardize your patient hygiene process

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Urine management

Address urinary incontinence

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Pre-op prep

Address bacteria on the nares, oral cavity, and skin, which are risk factors for surgical site infection (SSI)

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Injury prevention
Helping to reduce the risk of patient and staff injury

Turning and positioning

Reduce the risk of nurse injury and pressure injury

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Lateral transfer

Easily transfer your patients

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Heel protection

Help protect your patients’ heels from pressure injuries

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Seated positioning

Promote early mobility and reduce the risk of injury

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Sage Multi-Position MATS



Our latest safety innovation
Multi-Position Mobile Air Transfer System

Tilt and transfer with confidence

The OR can present many safety challenges to patients and staff. We’ve designed the Sage Multi-Position Mobile Air Transfer System to help make safety a priority at your hospital. It’s designed to address patient sliding and reduce the risk of staff injury in the OR. Now you can stabilize and reposition patients prior to surgery, and transfer using air-assist technology - all with one device.


CustomerOne value analysis partnership

Tracking your ROI

Our partnership doesn’t end once you’ve made a financial investment in our products – it’s just the beginning. As a trusted partner, we’ll provide you with customized reports that measure and analyze your clinical outcomes. Our CustomerOne team is dedicated to delivering actionable results that can be shared within your facility to validate your success, measure your return on investment, and influence decision-makers to help improve care.

Advancing your education

We know keeping up with the latest clinical information and fulfilling your educational requirements can be a challenge. That’s why we created FocusRN, Stryker’s learning platform. It provides relevant, evidence-based content and course offerings that are developed in conjunction with our panel of clinical experts. So you can access our speaker programs, online learning, and CE modules at your convenience to advance your education.

FocusRN clinical education program

Stryker home care

Using our products at home

If you're caring for yourself or someone important to you, our hospital-trusted products can help provide quality care at home. Each Stryker home care product is designed to be effective and easy to use, as well as provide the comfort needed for a better life at home.

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Stryker’s Sage business unit is located in Cary, IL USA.
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