Whatever it takes
to help rebuild lives.

Whatever it takes. It’s only three words but it can mean countless things. It can mean showing up in those critical moments when others can’t or won’t. It can mean answering texts and calls, day or night to be there for you, our customer. It can mean driving hours to make sure you have the products you need. It can mean developing a technology that doesn’t exist but needs to - so lives can be rebuilt. 


Together, we do whatever it takes—for you. The healthcare professionals who inspire and motivate us to be the most committed team in trauma. 

The Trauma Story

Picture the most difficult case you’ve recently experienced. Now picture that same case coming through your doors 85 years ago. That’s where our story begins. 


Our history traces back to 1939 where Ernst Pohl, an orthopaedic engineer collaborated with local surgeon Professor Gerhard Küntscher to create an intramedullary nail. Their revolutionary method challenged the proven and established procedures of the time. Elsewhere in 1939, Dr. Homer Stryker was doing the equivalent, developing a specially designed positioning bed called the Turning Frame—the same year that Professor Küntscher implanted his first intramedullary nail in Kiel, Germany. Simultaneously, Raoul Hoffmann designed a new way to reset and fix broken bones without the need for open surgery, and years after, Oswald Leibinger’s company introduced an implant system for craniomaxillofacial surgery made from pure titanium, establishing the technology for small bone plating.

All these stories would eventually converge at Stryker—and that’s why our history is rich. Not because we have one, but because we have many.

To this day, our R&D teams continue to collaborate with surgeon customers to help in the design of our products. This isn’t just one way to innovate. For us, it’s the only way.

Both the length and quality of our legacy is something we take a lot of pride in, and it’s one of the reasons why customers trust our products the way they do. We’ve put the needs of our customers and their patients first. But we don’t just have a history. We’ve made it, with innovations like Gamma, Alpha, Hoffmann and now our newest comprehensive Pangea plating portfolio, making us your go-to partner for everything trauma.

Now, we’re stepping into the next 85 years—sparking a new era for trauma. Energized by the innovation that’s ahead, we’re taking our dedication to unrivaled levels.


Stryker people and products are in every corner of the hospital, touching the patient along their entire journey, from incident to discharge, and beyond. So, what makes Stryker different? We match the strength of a fortune 100 company with the agility of a hungry startup. We have 23 dedicated businesses, 51,000 global employees, and consecutive years of straight growth. Yet we are never satisfied. We move faster, go deeper in our specialization and get closer to our customers.

For us, this is personal, because each patient is more than a case. It’s a life that needs to be rebuilt.

For you, this is personal, because each trauma case is urgent and unplanned. We’ll be your trusted partner and confident presence each step of the way.

That’s our commitment. And we’ll do whatever it takes to continue to make healthcare better.

Trauma product portfolio

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Medical education

We are committed to being your trusted partner through all stages of your learning journey.​ We partner with leading surgeons who deliver meaningful education that is relevant now—and applicable right after.  ​


Guided by owned, third-party and hospital data, Alliance is a value-added program that pinpoints your unique challenges and delivers a tailored analysis of your trauma portfolio. 

Stryker's Comprehensive report

"Because I had people helping me, now I can keep helping others." - Jamie Blanek​ 

After she was struck by a car in February 2021, Jamie Blanek's right leg had to be amputated, and her left leg was fractured in multiple places. Thanks to the expertise of her orthopedic surgeon Dr. Daniel Stahl and the commitment of a Stryker Trauma Sales Representative, they helped a young athlete and advocate get active again--so she can keep inspiring others.



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Only by truly understanding the challenges you face can we offer a portfolio to best fit your needs. With anatomically contoured plates designed or validated using our proprietary SOMA technology, streamlined instrumentation, and trained representatives, our plating portfolio is designed with you in mind.

External fixation


Having spent decades enhancing our Hoffmann brand, we recognize what you require from an external fixation system. Our circular and modular products are versatile and efficient, ready for your next challenge.

Intermedullary nailing


We continue to build upon our legacy of continuous design enhancements to ensure that our trusted portfolio meets your needs today and in the future. With category-leading technology, intuitive instrumentation and market-leading support, we bring you the complete nailing portfolio you can trust.

Small joint arthroplasty


We are dedicated to the continued development of small joint replacement in the upper extremity and foot and ankle. You can be confident our portfolio will fit your needs today and tomorrow.

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