Optimizing patient care environments

Today's operating room requires an enhanced focus on the needs of your patients and staff, as well as safety. Stryker's iSuite is your customized, efficient, and seamlessly integrated operating room - designed to tackle the many demands of your OR and allow you and your team to optimize patient care and outcomes.

To create your iSuite, our team will guide you through the entire process, one we’ve successfully completed thousands of times. Our process is comprised of three essential elements – Design.Equip.Connect. This includes designing and planning your room, providing world-class equipment and connecting your OR to the world.

Featured products

Connected OR operating system

Our OR integration, with its intuitive workflow and safety features, allows nurses to focus on delivering the highest level of patient care rather than managing the nuances of the surgical space.

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iSuite EHR connectivity

Our EHR connectivity solution that allows bi-directional communication with the EMR.

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iSuite media management

Our media asset management system that allows you to archive, edit and share media content captured during surgical cases.

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Berchtold LED F Generation

Illuminate the surgical field in your operating suite with our Berchtold LED F Generation surgical light. Delivering maximum brightness and offering multiple configuration options, you can customize your lighting experience.

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The Teletom equipment management system provides ceiling-mounted solutions to manage your surgical equipment, reducing reliance on carts and enabling you to streamline the workflow of your operating suites.

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Operon D860

The Operon D860 surgical table is designed to deliver on the increasing demand for flexibility, while providing for an optimal range of applications with its improved mobility and modular design.

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iSuite live video

iSuite live video connects clinicians within the operating room to other ORs, pathology for lab verification, surgeons for intraoperative consultations, and to auditoriums for education.

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ACS Clinical Congress 
October 22-26, 2017 • San Diego, CA
The ACS Clinical Congress features outstanding education and training opportunities at the premier annual surgical meeting for surgeons, surgery residents, medical students, and members of surgical teams.


OR Manager Conference (MTORS)
October 2-4, 2017 • Orlando, FL
Build on the content developed in each issue of OR Manager, providing you with a live learning experience. Earn CEs, AEUs, and explore new technologies with solution providers.


The Connected OR operation system - now shipping! 
Stryker’s Connected OR operating system provides control and customization of compatible equipment from a single, intuitive touchscreen. 

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