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Today's operating room requires an enhanced focus on the needs of your patients and staff, as well as safety. Stryker's iSuite is your customized, efficient, and seamlessly integrated operating room - designed to tackle the many demands of your OR and allow you and your team to focus on patient care.

Stryker's iSuite

Your customized integrated OR ecosystem, designed to support patient safety, increase operational efficiency, and patient and staff satisfaction.1


Featured products

Integration system, OR Integration, Connected OR IP, COR IP

Connected OR IP

The Connected OR IP system provides intuitive user control of your connected devices, creating a future-ready integration platform with scalable 4K video routing. 

Surgical Dashboard, Data, Analytics

Dash iQ Surgical Dashboard 

Dash iQ Surgical Dashboard is a visual management tool displaying pertinent patient and case details, designed to provide surgical teams the means to achieve unprecedented workflows.

Hospital Status, PTZ Camera

Hospital Status

Designed to improve hospital workflow and provide visibility into any area of the hospital by streaming live video feeds to your desktop or tablet. 

Surgical table, Surgical tables, Operon D860 Surgical Table

Operon D860 Surgical Table

From General Surgery to Orthopaedics, the Operon D860 Surgical Table is designed to meet the needs of a variety of surgical disciplines.


ProCare Services

Stryker’s ProCare service programs are committed to helping you perform your job more efficiently while enhancing patient care delivery. 

Surgical Light, SLX surgical light

SLX628 Surgical Light

The SLX628 Surgical Light combines innovative features, inspired by the best technology, to provide a customizable lighting experience for your surgical team.

Surgical boom, OR boom, medical booms

S-Series Surgical Boom

With a redesigned user interface and a compact, fully customizable system, it has never been easier to manage your services and maneuver your equipment.

Universal Display Mount, UDM, Surgical Display, Surgical Monitor

Universal Display Mount

Moving and positioning your surgical equipment should be easy. Utilizing our proprietary RoME technology to extend your range of motion to an incredible 540 degrees. 

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