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System 9

Charge with a more intuitive interface and confirm battery status pre-procedure. Hold onto the handpiece’s more holistic, ergonomic design to accommodate inverted cutting. See battery power at a glance and know your power tool is ready to perform. These are just a few of the ways System 9 puts your needs first.

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CD NXT is the latest innovation in Stryker power tools. This patented technology provides real-time depth measurement as you drill, allowing for fast, accurate and consistent digital depth measurement across a variety of procedures.

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Stryker F1

A leap forward in balanced, lightweight power and precision - so you're free to be your best.

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A versatile small bone electric power tool system that is powered through the CORE Console and consists of intuitive, lightweight handpieces. TPX’s design makes OR setup easier and more efficient.

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CORE 2 Console

The CORE Console is designed with features and software that help you gain maximum benefits from our saws and drills.

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Added protection. Automatic performance.

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Blu62 Pretreatment Foam and Instrument Detergent aim to take the effort out of washing. As non-enzymatic cleaners, they're less dependent on contact time, water type or temperature - meaning less details or sink changes for you to manage.

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E62 Enzymatic Detergent

Stryker’s enzymatic detergent designed to clean instruments and medical devices by soaking in a detergent for an extended period of time.

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SmartPump Tourniquet System

Reliable and intuitive system, complete with multiple built-in safety checks.

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Battery-powered, disposable pulsed lavage for orthopaedics, trauma and wound care.

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MixeVac III

MixeVac III is an advanced cement mixer that quickly mixes any type of PMMA-based bone cements safely and thoroughly.

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Simple, universal mixer quickly and consistently mixes up to three batches of any type of bone cement safely and conveniently.

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Improved cement fixation expanding your total joint capabilities.

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Zip skin closure

Zip is a non-invasive skin closure device for surgical incisions and lacerations. It's designed to distribute strain along the incision. This helps reduce wound complications1,2, saving you cost and time.3,5

Zip’s benefits aren’t only limited to healthcare providers. The puncture-free skin closure method also leads to greater patient satisfaction.6 This means less pain, a greater range of motion during recovery, and reduced scarring. 7,8

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Ortho Q Guidance system

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