Surgical Technologies

Surgical Technologies Our products enable caregivers to provide a safer, simple experience for their patients.


Neptune 3

Neptune 3 is a constantly closed fluid, smoke, and aerosol filtration system that comes with standard integration of HELP and ULPA filtration.

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Neptune S

The only constantly closed low-fluid waste management system on the market. With constantly closed SealShut technology, an easy hands-free docking process, and integrated specimen collection.

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Floor Fluid Disposables

Helps protect against potential O.R. hazards on the floor that you walk on.

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SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencil

Provides a 2-in-1 solution for electrosurgery and smoke evacuation helping to reduce staff and patient exposure to chemical, carcinogenic, mutagenic viral and bacterial hazards within surgical plume.

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SafeAir Compact Evacuator

It’s one small box that makes a big difference in your O.R. air quality. It provides suction for either SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencil (standard or telescopic) and is easily portable for use in the O.R. or other procedure rooms. But what you may like best are its many features that allow you to customize performance settings to suit the needs of various surgeons, patients and procedures.

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Together, let's help put an end to retained surgical sponges.

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Procedural Oxygen Mask™ (POM)

The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM), now available at Stryker.

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A better solution for disposing controlled substance waste.

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Advanced electrosurgical device with illumination, delivering precise energy and low thermal spread.

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