Eikon LT Adapt SE

Illuminated retractor system

Along with intracavity illumination, smoke evacuation and retraction, the Eikon LT Adapt SE raises the bar with 16 reusable options, all with features to help you achieve the highest levels of surgical efficiency and O.R. safety.

Eikon LT Adapt SE, Illuminated Retractor System

Adjustable illumination provides bright light precisely where you want it, and its streamlined suction channel reduces smoke without impacting technique. Plus it’s non-conductive and thermally cool, meaning you can focus less on thermal hazards and more on the surgical task at hand.

  • Bright and thermally cool illumintation; protects against thermal damage to tissues, surgical drapes, etc
  • Backed by nearly 100 patents
  • Volumetric spread provides even lighting across the cavity without washing out tissue color
  • Microlenses shape light to reduce shadow and glare
  • Solid core optical-grade polymer reduces light loss and thermal risks
  • Compatible with a wide variety of light sources, including Stryker's LED and Xenon light sources (ACMI connection)
  • Adjustable illumination allows precision placement of light along entire retractor length
  • Helps reduce exposure by capturing smoke – and the potential hazards it carries – directly at the source
  • Helps maintain clear operative site for better visualization
  • Eliminates management of separate smoke deviceReduces hands and instruments in field
  • Preserves surgeon’s natural technique
  • Compatible with commercially available smoke tubing and suction sources such as the SafeAir Compact Smoke Evacuator and the Neptune System smoke evacuator
  • Helps fulfill government and clinical guidelines surrounding surgical smoke1-5