Operating room One portfolio, 
endless solutions.

A. Mako 

SmartRobotics TM

B. 1688 AIM* 4K Platform

Advanced imaging modalities

C. Operon D860

Surgical table

D. T7 

Personal protection helmet system

E. System 8 

Power tools

F. SLX628 Surgical light

Surgical light

G. Neptune 3

Waste management system

H. SmartPump 

Tourniquet system

Mako SmartRoboticsTM
robotic-arm assisted surgery

Mako SmartRobotics combines three key components: 3D CT-based planning, AccuStop™ haptic technology, and insightful data analytics**, into one platform that has shown better outcomes1,2,3 for your total knee, total hip and partial knee patients. Know More. Cut Less.***4-8


System 8 power tools

The System 8 family was developed by working closely with orthopaedic surgeons and the hospital staff to deliver solutions to the complex challenges of today’s healthcare environment. Improved ergonomics give surgeons a better, neutral wrist position, and textured areas help provide a firmer grip. A quick and efficient keyless drill chuck prevents loosening through a secondary locking mechanism, and advanced material and coating on pin collets prevent sticking and slipping, both of which are common concerns. The handpieces are built to be actively washed – able to be temporarily submerged when you need to do so during cleaning, prior to sterilization.


SmartPump tourniquet system

We know that best practices for surgical tourniquets require precise balance between providing a bloodless field and protecting patient wellbeing, including delicate tissues. That’s why Stryker designed the high performance SmartPump Tourniquet System to be reliable and intuitive, complete with multiple built-in safety checks.


Mistral-Air forced air warming system

The Mistral-Air forced air warming system is uniquely designed to serve as a solution that optimizes patient warming throughout the peri-operative process. System exclusives include a HEPA filter and diffusion and reflective technology. This system also comes with a wide range of plus and premium disposables, over- and under-temperature alarms, a default blower start-up temperature of 38 degrees celsius and a quiet, high-volume blower. 


Cactus Smart Sink
controlled substance waste management system 

A better solution for disposing controlled substance waste.


Neptune 3
fluid and smoke waste management system 

Five years of research and development went into the Neptune 3 system, a multi-tasking device that places focus where it belongs: on safety and efficiency. Building on a legacy of innovation, the Neptune 3 waste management system goes above and beyond with trusted features that help safeguard your OR.


SurgiStool surgeon seating 

Optimal support for surgeon comfort. SurgiStool chair offers customizable seat configurations with fully adjustable backrest and armrests to provide optimal support to meet the surgeon’s specific positioning preferences. Its superior pedal access and a stable, yet mobile, design helps to facilitate clinical performance.


1688 AIM 4K Platform 

Stryker’s 1688 AIM 4K Platform is the first system with fluorescence imaging designed into the 4K platform. Everything is managed by the Connected OR Hub, giving you seamless connectivity to images, data, and specialists you need. Now your surgical teams can see in greater detail than ever with superior image clarity, more accurate color reproduction, and enhanced light quality. And with 4K Fluorescence, we’ve taken visualization beyond the limits of any previous technology.


SLX628 Surgical Light 

The SLX628 Surgical Light combines innovative features, inspired by the best technology, to provide superior light quality for your surgical team. And with so many options to customize, control your light and upgrade in the future, you can now enhance the OR experience like never before.


Universal Display Mount 

HD and 4K monitor mounting solutions. Moving and positioning your surgical equipment should be easy. Utilizing our proprietary RoME technology to extend your range of motion to an incredible 540 degrees of rotation, you now have even more flexibility to maneuver and optimize the placement of your surgical displays.


Operon D860 surgical table

The Operon D860 surgical table is designed to deliver on the increasing demand for flexibility, while providing for an optimal range of applications with its improved mobility and modular design.