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CAUTI Illustration

Reduce the risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) in hospitals

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) are among the most common types of healthcare-associated infections, and reducing them is beneficial to hospitals, caregivers and patients.

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Sage chapter of SWN celebrating International Women's Day

Stryker Women’s Network promotes International Women’s Day at Sage

The world came together for International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements and reinforce a commitment to women’s equality. This year, the Stryker Women’s Network (SWN) at Sage organized a week-long office event to celebrate with the entire Cary site.

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SSIs congregating on a surgical site not using 2% CHG cloths

A closer look at 2% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) cloth for surgical site infection prevention

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Toothbrush with Corinz Antiseptic Cleansing and Moisturizing Oral Rinse

Prevent hospital-acquired pneumonia by reducing any potential risk factors

The importance of patient oral care

Hospital oral care plays a pivotal role in reducing the risk of HAP by minimizing the colonization of harmful bacteria in the respiratory tract.

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PrimaFit External Urine Management for the Female Anatomy photo of application

Sage PrimaFit External Urine Management System for the Female Anatomy helped reduce CAUTI rate 63%

Catheter-related infections decreased from before the introduction to EUDFA and after. This is not a cause-and-effect relationship, but the trend is promising.

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Stryker Sage's team posing with family they built wheelchair Halloween costume with

A magical celebration with Stryker in Cary

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Stryker SEA at a tree planting volunteer day

Stryker’s Environmental Alliance holds 3rd annual tree planting event

The Stryker Environmental Alliance (SEA) recently partnered with the McHenry County Conservation District (MCCD) to organize the 3rd annual tree planting event at Hickory Nut Grove in Cary, IL.

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Sage PrimaFit external urine management system

The Sage PrimaFit External Urine Management for the Female Anatomy helped decrease CAUTI rates 72%

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