A history of making healthcare better – at home

Nurse applying a Sage Comfort Bath cloth to a patient on their bed.

Care with confidence – using hospital-quality products

For over a decade, Stryker Home Care has been helping home caregivers and those navigating life with physical challenges get hospital-quality products with just a click online. We believe you should have access to the same trusted products nurses use to treat their patients. But our mission goes far beyond making and sending products. It’s about providing a helping hand to anyone on their daily caregiving journey – providing confidence that you're doing the right thing and making it a little bit easier with a lot more compassion.  

We’re driven to make healthcare better for you 

All our products are thoughtfully designed to bring dignity, safety and convenience right into your home. Imagine making bath time seamless without the fuss of water everywhere or giving a comforting shampoo without the hassle of rinsing. And then there's the peace of mind that comes from protecting vulnerable skin or ensuring someone's smile is as healthy as can be—these little things mean the world in caregiving. 

Supporting you exactly where you need to be 

Stryker Home Care is here to support you every step of the way - making each day a bit brighter and easier for you and those you care for. With these hospital-quality solutions available for home use, it's about empowering you with the right tools to provide the best care possible.  

To learn more or shop our products online visit Stryker Home Care. You can also contact our customer care team to help you determine which home health supplies are right for your needs. 

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