Preoperative strategy to reduce the risk of surgical site infection

Surgical iste

Surgical Technology International article recommends using chlorhexidine-impregnated cloths instead of a chlorhexidine solution

Infection is one of the most devastating complications that can occur after any surgical procedure. Reducing the risk of surgical site infection (SSI) through various preoperative strategies is a major priority for the healthcare system. In the most recent edition of Surgical Technology International, Zhongming Chen, MD and Michael Mont, MD, have published an article that recommends the use of Sage’s 2% CHG cloths rather than a CHG solution to reduce the risk of SSI based on clinical and financial benefits. This qualitative analysis of 15 clinical articles led the authors to conclude that Sage’s 2% CHG cloths are appropriate and beneficial for use in all hip and arthroplasties as well as other surgical procedures.

In the article, Chen and Mont describe chlorhexidine and its advantages over other agents. The authors also describe the scientific basis for the dual application technique of these cloths (i.e., night before and morning of surgery). Multiple studies reviewed for the article demonstrated the cloths' efficacy, with a prospective randomized study of joint arthroplasties demonstrating a 2.9% deep infection rate without their use versus a reduction to 0.4% with their use.

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