The Journey to Zero program supports nurse safety


The signs are everywhere – on social media, billboards, and television. Not all superheroes wear capes. Healthcare workers are our heroes. But to really help our nurses we need to do more than talk. That’s why Sage has developed the Journey to Zero healthcare worker injury program. This comprehensive program provides products and services aimed at reducing risk of nurse injury due to repositioning patients.

Former clinicians share their perspectives

Bedside nursing has always been a challenging, but rewarding, profession. The work can be hard. It’s physical and emotional. In recent years the nursing shortage has pushed hospitals to the breaking point. Kristin Sexton RN, BSN, a currently non-practicing clinician states, “The nursing shortage is turning into a crisis. If we don’t keep our bedside nurses safe, we’re going to lose another generation of nurses. We need to make the profession safer – or the results are going to negatively impact all of healthcare.”

Despite the risk of injury, many nurses continue to sacrifice and serve their patients. Hester Fletcher RN, MSN, ED, CNOR, currently a Staff Market Intelligence Specialist, recalled her experience at the bedside. “There were many times during my career when I was put in a difficult position,” she said. “Unfortunately, I was forced to care for patients without the right number of people for support. It was usually a matter of getting the job done or getting the job done right. I often put myself at risk for injury.”

Staff retention starts with nurse safety

Building a culture of safety for nurses starts by reducing injury risk. We’re committed to actively partnering with hospitals to reduce the risk of patient handling injuries and improve outcomes. To learn more, visit