New enhancements to help improve patient care - Sage PrimaFit® External Urine Management for the Female Anatomy


Developed in partnership with clinicians for better outcomes

The PrimaFit external urine management system for the female anatomy was brought to market in 2017 and acts as a transition from indwelling catheters to independent continence. It’s designed to address three key factors required to effectively manage urinary incontinence – fit, securement, and performance. When properly positioned, urine is diverted into the system’s core and is then suctioned into a collection canister, helping keep the skin dry.                                   

Sage has been working closely with bedside nurses and clinical leaders since the launch of PrimaFit to identify and address possible improvements to the device.

“We take feedback from our healthcare partners very seriously,” says Kristin Sexton, Associate Manager, Market Intelligence, Stryker. “At the end of the day, our goal is to exceed their expectations by delivering an easy-to-use product that helps improve patient care.”


New enhancements for better care

“By partnering with clinicians, we learned of the need to use PrimaFit on a wider range of body types,” says Tom Keaty, Senior Director, New Product Development, Stryker. “So, we took the initial device and redesigned a few features to respond to our clinician and patient needs.”

The updated device features longer, flexible tubing to allow multiple suction tubing angles. This provides clinicians with an option for larger patients and addresses the risk factor for patient skin injury. The new device also features 14% more ultra-soft fabric in the core and a redesigned soft tapered end. The result is an improved urine management device that comfortably and effectively diverts urine away from the patient.


Addressing the #1 CAUTI risk factor

Approximately 75% of hospital-acquired UTIs are associated with an indwelling urinary catheter.2 And the risk of acquiring a CAUTI increases 3-7% each day a catheter remains in place.3 PrimaFit is designed to help manage urinary incontinence for females and promote early catheter removal.


No catheter. No CAUTI.™

We are driven to solve real problems and make healthcare better for you and your patients.

To learn more about how Sage can help your hospital manage urinary incontinence and reduce the risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infections, click here.


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