Sage PrimoFit External Urine Management for the Male Anatomy has been redesigned

Sage PrimoFit External Urine Management for the Male Anatomy

New enhancements help improve patient outcomes

The innovative PrimoFit external urine management device for the male anatomy, brought to market in 2020, was the first of its kind to feature continuous suction. It’s designed to help promote early catheter removal and address the #1 risk factor of catheter-associated urinary tract infections. The system provides an easily customizable fit and serves as an alternative to external collection devices or, when appropriate, indwelling catheters.

Since its launch, Sage has worked closely with clinical leaders and bedside nurses to discuss possible enhancements to the device. “Gathering feedback while partnering with our customers is an essential part of our on-going development process,” says Kristin Sexton, Associate Manager, Market Intelligence. “We listen so we can deliver the best possible product. Our goal is to help clinicians improve patient outcomes.”

More adhesive for better securement

The result of this partnership was a redesigned device featuring 65% more adhesive area for better securement of the base adhesive.1 “By partnering with clinicians, we learned that securement was a challenge. We had to design a solution that delivered more adhesive,” says Tom Keaty, Senior Director, New Product Development. “We took their feedback and responded to our clinician and patient desires.” The updated device also features blue tabs that provide a visual guide to assist with application and removal. The result is an improved urine management device that comfortably and effectively diverts urine away from the patient.

No catheter. No CAUTI.

This unique device allows clinicians to efficiently and effectively manage urinary incontinence while keeping male patients comfortable. To learn more about how Sage can help your hospital manage urinary incontinence and address the risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infections, please visit: