LIFEPAK 15 V4+ monitor/defibrillator

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Stream. Consult. Connect.

Accelerate patient care, organize your workflow and streamline communication with easy-to-use technology and upgraded remote decision capabilities.

High-performance defibrillation

With more than six decades of serving healthcare professionals, the LIFEPAK 15 V4+ helps lifesaving teams boost their performance and enhance patient care.
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Trust proven clinical performance

The LIFEPAK 15 delivers up to 360J, which has been shown to improve conversion rates for difficult-to-defibrillate patients.1-4 Elevate STEMI care with the industry-leading University of Glasgow ECG Analysis Program and ST-segment trend monitoring, which continuously monitors all 12-leads and alerts you to changes.

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Stay focused in chaotic settings

From intuitive controls and a dual-battery system to a large 8.4-inch anti-reflective color display that changes to high-contrast mode with a single button, the LIFEPAK 15 device helps you work more efficiently, no matter how chaotic the situation is.

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Depend on rugged durability

With more than a dozen durability enhancements from previous generations of the LIFEPAK legacy, the LIFEPAK 15 V4+ is built to withstand drops, shocks and extreme vibration.

Transmit emergent patient data through the cloud

Continually improve team response 

LIFENET Care connects the LIFEPAK 15 through the cloud to transmit emergent patient data to the hospital for ease of documentation, care team activation for time-sensitive emergencies and valuable insights that support continuous performance improvement throughout the patient journey.

Track LIFEPAK 15 health and readiness

Simplify device management and maintenance

Be confident your device is always ready to go with two reliable batteries and a daily self-test that alerts you to possible issues before you experience them in the field. Easily track device health and readiness via the LIFENET Asset management system.

Connect all involved teams from scene to hospital; stream patient vital signs

Evolve further with live streaming

Connect all involved teams from the scene, during transport and throughout the hospital. Organize your workflow with quick access to live streaming and stream patient vital signs using a simple process.

In today’s world, telemedicine and staff shortages are increasing the demand for streamlined communication and easy remote consultations. Respond with the monitor/defibrillator designed to set the standard in innovation, operations and toughness.
LIFEPAK 15 V4+ monitor/defibrillator used on bystander


Your trusted partner wherever the next call takes you

LIFEPAK 15 V4+ monitor/defib with LIFENET Care

Streams patient vital signs and waveforms 

  • Share critical data and real-time status
  • Streamline communication with easy access to patient updates
  • Communicate with remote team members for quick decisions

Supports improved resuscitation results 

  • Proven CPR guidance—shown to guide responders to perform compressions at 100/minute and avoid over-ventilation2
  • Capture all displayed waveforms and CPR quality for post-event review
  • The highest escalating energy available, up to 360J biphasic, for difficult-to-defibrillate patients
A nurse is using the LIFEPAK 15 V4+ monitor/defibrillator on a patient
LIFEPAK 15 V4+ monitor/defibrillator rests on a stretcher as a patient is wheeled down the hospital hallway

Easy to use so care teams can focus on patients

  • Dual-mode display screen provides maximum visibility—59 percent larger screen than competitive devices1
  • All key functionality with a single button push
  • Easy access to cables, connections and printer

Improves operational effectiveness 

  • Upgradeable platform adapts to evolving protocols and new care guidelines
  • Instant access to device health and readiness data through LIFENET Asset
  • Enhances team review with rapid data export to CODE-STAT post-event review software for QA/QI
The LIFENET Care dashboard is shown on a computer screen with a LIFEPAK 15 device in the background
ECG read out display

Uses a top 12-lead ECG algorithm

  • Trusted, proven University of Glasgow 12-Lead ECG Analysis Program
  • Continuous monitoring of all 12-leads with alerts when significant ST segment changes are detected
  • Uses Sgarbossa criteria and measures STJ at the J point for possible STEMI patients and provides pediatric interpretation for pediatric patients


  • Corner guards, shock-absorbing handle and reinforced cable connections
  • Dual-layer, anti-scratch screen
  • Withstands severe impacts and extreme vibration
EMT running with a LIFEPAK 15 V4+ monitor/defibrillator
LIFEPAK 15 V4+ monitor/defibrillator used on bystander

“We’ve had cases where the initial 12-lead ECG was not diagnostic for STEMI, but during patient monitoring the LIFEPAK 15 prints out the ECG, showing that now there’s a STEMI pattern.”


Jeffrey Goodloe, MD, NREMT-P, FACEP

Medical Director for Medical Control Board
Oklahoma City-Tulsa area EMS system


The basic configuration of the LIFEPAK 15 with a new roll of paper and two batteries installed weighs 17.5 pounds. The fully featured configuration with a new roll of paper and two batteries installed weighs 18.5 pounds. 

Height: 12.5 inches
Width: 15.8 inches
Depth: 9.1 inches

AED mode - for automated ECG analysis and a prompted treatment protocol for patients in cardiac arrest
Manual mode - for performing manual defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, noninvasive pacing and ECG and vital sign monitoring
Archive mode - for accessing stored patient information
Setup mode - for changing default settings of the operation functions
Service mode - for authorized personnel to perform diagnostic tests and calibrations
Demo mode - for simulated waveforms and trend graphs for demonstration purposes 

Size (active viewing area) - 8.4 inches diagonal; 6.7 inches wide x 5.0 inches high
Resolution - 640 dot x 480 dot color backlit LCD
User selectable display mode - Users can choose between full color or SunVue display high contrast
Waveform display sweep speed - 25 mm/second for ECG, SpO2, and IP; 12.5 mm/sec for CO2
Up to three waveforms may be displayed at the same time. 

Quick set - activates alarm for all active vital signs
VF/VT alarm - activates continuous (CPSS) monitoring in manual mode
No breath alarm - occurs when 30 seconds has elapsed since the last detected respiration
Heart rate alarm limit range - upper: 100-250 bpm; lower: 30-150 bpm 

The LIFEPAK 15 uses a lithium-ion battery. Each battery has a fuel gauge that indicates its approximate charge.

Yes, the streaming will temporarily pause as the transmit is processing.

Yes, full monitoring and therapy abilities are available while streaming is active.

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