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Our safest and most versatile bed is here. With seven customizable model options designed for better outcomes, ProCuity can accommodate patients across the care continuum –  from MedSurg up to the ICU – helping hospitals standardize their bed fleet and improve caregiver workflow efficiencies. 
360 degree animation of Stryker's ProCuity bed



Safer care, better outcomes

ProCuity L/LE/Z can help reduce falls and fall-related injuries while promoting mobility on your Med/Surg floor.

ProCuity ZM(X) can help prevent pressure injuries and promote early mobility in the ICU.

Stryker's ProCuity Bed - diagonal view

ProCuity LE (L), ProCuity ZMX (R)


One bed all acuity levels

We've got you covered from MedSurg up to the ICU



L model

11.5" low height

4" screen

LE model

All features of L model 


Electric brakes

USB outlet

Z model

All features of LE model 


14" low height

Zoom Motorized Drive

ZM model

All features of Z model 


Powered mattress integration ability

Premium 8" screen

Add wireless to LE, Z or ZM models



Meet ProCuity. It's more than a bed. 



Low height + high tech =
better patient outcomes

Research demonstrates, a low bed height aids in reducing occurrence of falls - leading to improved patient outcomes.1 With its low height and ergonomically designed features, ProCuity promotes safe patient handling and reduction in fall-related injuries for all patient care environments. 




Each year, up to 1,000,000 patients in the United States experience a fall while being treated in the hospital.2


More than one-third of falls in hospitals can be prevented.2


Most falls occurred in the patient's room (50-85%) on or near the bed while unassisted (79%).1

Help save skin in the ICU

Keeping your most critical patients safe is at the forefront of every ICU nurse’s mind. ProCuity ZM(X) seamlessly integrates with Isolibrium, our therapeutic surface which helps prevent pressure injuries.

$26.8 billion

The annual treatment costs for pressure injuries.3

2.5 million

People in the United States develop pressure ulcers each year.3


The number of U.S. deaths recorded annually due to pressure injuries.3

Experience better outcomes with ProCuity

Stryker’s Financial Guarantee

Reduce falls by 50%. Guaranteed**.

We are so confident you’ll see better patient outcomes with ProCuity, we’re willing to share the financial risk with you through our fall prevention guarantees.

Reduce HAPIs by 30%. Guaranteed**.

Stryker guarantees participating facilities a 30% reduction of HAPIs (Stages 3, 4, unstageable, DTI) for patients using the IsoTour, IsoFlex LAL, IsoAir or Isolibrium Support Surface, for a guaranteed period.

Reduce rentals by 50%. Guaranteed**.

Stryker’s Isolibrium Support Surface Financial Guarantee is designed to reduce non-capital support surface costs for the hospital by 50% in the first year.  If this goal is not achieved, Stryker will reimburse the hospital up to the difference between the guaranteed savings amount and the actual savings (reimbursement amount not to exceed the purchase price for Isolibrium).


Spotlight on safety

Customize your fleet with the safety features that matter most***.
ProCuity is compatible with all Stryker bed surfaces.

Seamlessly integrates with Isolibrium, our powered ICU support surface

Isolibrium support surface

Pressure injury prevention and pulmonary therapy

3-zone Adaptive Bed Alarm

Patient Assist and ergonomically-designed three position siderails help promote early mobility

USB port and phone holder 

Easy, intuitive safety prompts

12" integrated bed extender

Electric brakes



Move with Zoom

Easy and intuitive to use, Zoom Motorized Drive allows you to move patients safely and with less staff, while helping to reduce caregiver back stress. Featuring hand-adjustable speed control, simply turn the throttle and go. Zoom senses your hand and automatically deploys (or retracts) the wheel. 



Win with wireless

A connected and scalable bed for all patient care environments and loaded with advanced fall prevention technologies, ProCuity is the only truly wireless bed on the market today. 

Our exclusive iBed Wireless technology powers ProCuity. Designed with interoperability in mind, it allows bed data – such as bed configuration and bed exit alarm activity – to be sent remotely to any of our iBed applications or your facility's Hospital Information Systems (HIS). And it does so much more.

Goodbye, pesky
37-pin cables

Our new cable-less nurse call, Secure Connect, guarantees a seamless connection every time a bed enters a room.

Enhanced patient 
data visibility

iBed Vision, our new clinical dashboard, provides caregivers with increased visibility to safe bed configuration and bed exit alarm activity to help prevent falls.



Are you ready to get started?



Icon of dollar sign

Improve your ROI with ProCuity

Working across departments as one seamless support system, ProCuity helps make standardization across your hospital easier and can even improve your ROI – helping reduce the added cost for specialty rentals and the need for bed transfers and extra staff.
Flex Financial

Power to purchase

Through our Flex Financial business we can help you acquire our full portfolio of products and offer numerous payment structures that can be customized to meet your budgetary needs.

Experience brilliance

Connect with us today to learn more about ProCuity
Thank you for your interest in our new ProCuity bed series. A Stryker representative will reach out to you shortly.
ProCuity foot of bed raised up
ProCuity side view

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