Nurse reviews LIFENET Care data on a computer screen

Stryker’s next-generation patient data communication platform.

Get a more unified view of your patient's journey by customizing protocols on a modern, clean interface. LIFENET Care makes it easy to consolidate patient data, organize your workflow and connect care teams to make your job easier.

Patient. Protocol. Process.

Your care team deserves simple, seamless team collaboration to help improve communication and enhance operational performance. Easily share your patient’s story using a modern, clean interface and customize your protocols for faster patient care.1-3

Consolidated patient data

  • Improve patient hand-off across care teams with consolidated data in a single, web-based platform
  • Speed up care with faster patient navigation for a variety of non-emergent events and critical emergencies1-3
An EMT reviews patient data with a doctor while the patient and nurses on in the background
The LIFENET Care dashboard is shown on a computer screen on a white background

Organize your workflow

  • Adapt to your workflow and streamline reporting with custom checklists
  • Reach care milestones with configurable time goals to help comply with protocols and accreditations

Connect care teams

  • Easily consult and activate care teams for any patient event with custom alerts based on your workflow
  • Boost your confidence with tracked time stamps and improved team communication
A doctor reviews patient information on her phone

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