LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator for hospital and EMS

LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator

For hospital and EMS

A clinically advanced, life-saving device with proprietary tools and technology built on an intuitive1 platform for advanced patient care.


LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator | Stryker

Built on a legacy of trust. Ready for the future.

The LIFEPAK 35 is a future-ready device designed to promote confident cardiac care,2 enable clinical excellence and deliver in demanding environments.3



LIFEPAK 35’s large, easy-to-use touchscreen1 and advanced clinical decision support tools provide a customizable clinical experience that helps reduce cognitive burden.1


Clinically advanced

When every second matters, you need patient care that moves as fast as you do. With advanced connected capabilities providing insights and guidance, LIFEPAK 35 is reliably3 on your side – when time is not.  



Built on a legacy of life-saving products and reimagined for today’s modern healthcare professional, the LIFEPAK 35 platform carries a foundation of trust and toughness that will advance patient care.

LIFEPAK 35 monitoring a cardiac patient
LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator in the field

cprINSIGHT has the only approved algorithm that identifies a shockable rhythm during chest compressions4

Critical Care Nurse utilizing touchscreen on LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator
LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator in use in the ED

Intuitive touchscreen requires minimal training*1

LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator being deployed in the field
LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator being used in the field

Streamline workflow by transmitting data for quick analysis via WiFi or Bluetooth2

The monitor/defibrillator that's advancing care for both EMS and hospitals

Working in partnership with customers like you, we’ve created a slim, lightweight and ergonomically designed device to help give you more control during critical events. Whether it be on a crash cart or responding to a crashed car, our newest emergency response monitor/defibrillator balances advanced clinical technologies and ease-of-use in a device that’s tough enough to deliver in demanding environments.3

STJInsight displayed on a 10.4" touchscreen of the LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator for hospitals and EMS

The big, tough touchscreen

  • High-definition, 10.4" customizable display
  • Durable, chemically reinforced glass3
  • Double-glove friendly3
  • Designed to withstand direct impact and drops3
LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator for hospitals and EMS resting on a Prime stretcher

Clinically advanced therapy tools

  • cprINSIGHT analysis technology helps improve CPR performance by reducing pauses** during chest compressions4
  • Live view 12/15-lead with STJ Insight provides a graphical representation of the ECG to help diagnose myocardial injury2
  • Pediatric AED mode helps treat patients with escalating biphasic energy from 1J to 360J3,5
LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator for hospitals and EMS is LIFEPAK TOUGH with an IP55 rating


  • IP55 rating3 protects against dust and water
  • Chemically strengthened impact-tested glass3
  • FLEX lithium-ion dual battery system provides nine hours of monitoring6
  • Tested to withstand severe impacts and extreme vibration3

A monitor/defibrillator built for your needs 

From the roadside to the emergency room, our focus is on empowering you with the support you need to provide rapid, high-quality care under pressure.

The fully featured monitor/defibrillator with paper and two batteries installed weighs 15.75 lb (7.14 kg) 

Height: 14 inches (35.5 cm)
Width: 13.8 inches (34.9 cm)
Depth: 4.9 inches (12.4 cm)

The LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator memory has a total capacity of 50 patient records with a 12-hour duration for each record. 

The warranty is one year for EMS and five years for hospital use. The expected life is eight years.

A typical charge time for one or two fully depleted LIFEPAK 35 batteries is five hours when using either the battery charger or defibrillator.

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