Paramedics with Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot and LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator
Paramedics with Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot and LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator

Emergency Medical Services

Empower heroes, save lives

One integrated system of equipment, devices and data designed to empower your EMS team.


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Thank you, EMS heroes

We see your dedication. We see your bravery. We see your drive. And we are grateful to walk alongside you, developing tough, smart tools to support the life-saving work you do every day.

Together with our customers we are driven to make healthcare better.

Together, we tackle challenges head-on

From event scenes and long-distance patient transport to tight budgets and complex documentation, rely on a trusted system from Stryker to stay ready, respond effectively and review quickly for ongoing performance improvement.
Get insight into team performance and system and equipment readiness
Stay ready with LIFENET Asset
Remotely manage your devices, receive status alerts and view static/dynamic device location.
An integrated system of devices help you provide effective care
Respond effectively with
Drive better care by transmitting, sharing and capturing patient data to enhance team communication and coordination.
Stryker's data solutions can help your team work more efficiently
Review quickly with CODE-STAT
Automatically access or share data, review performance and identify improvement opportunities.

Product highlights

Solutions for out-of-hospital medical emergencies

LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator

Introducing LIFEPAK 35

Built on legacy of trust – ready for the future.

The LIFEPAK 35 is a clinically advanced monitor/defibrillator with proprietary tools and technology built on an intuitive, modern platform for advanced patient care. It’s a future-ready device designed to promote confidence for patient and care provider and enable clinical excellence in today’s modern healthcare environment.1,2,3

First responders using the LUCAS chest copression system on a patient

Contribute to improved cardiac arrest outcomes with the LUCAS 3, v3.1 chest compression system

CPR quality, consistency and continuity matter. Provide guidelines-compliant compressions — in most working conditions — while freeing responders to safely focus on assessment, care and transport.

EMT uses McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope on a young patient

Maximize visualization of the airway with the McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope

The McGRATH™ MAC video laryngoscope is proven to improve first time success rate,4,5 reduce time,6 and lessen hemodynamic response to intubation6 when compared to the traditional direct visualization technique. 4,5,6

Two Detroit EMTs navigate Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot through the streets.

Transport patients safely and confidently with the Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot

Help reduce the risk of caregiver and patient injury, navigate tighter quarters and remotely track your fleet to limit cot downtime, reduce unexpected costs and ready your ambulances.  

Paramedics transport adult patient down stairs using Xpedition powered stair chair

Powered stair chair for emergency responders

Xpedition, Stryker’s first powered stair chair, helps get the job done easier and more effectively with increased comfort and security for both your team and the patient—because the journey is just as important as the destination.

EMT and doctor reviewing LIFENET Care data in the emergency department

Help improve communication and enhance operational performance

LIFENET Care makes it easy to consolidate patient data, organize your workflow and connect care teams to make your job easier. Alert the receiving providers, share patient data and capture information to enhance team efficiency. 

Medical professional reviews data using CODE-STAT data review software

Drive improved performance with data review software and services

Enhance efficiency when you can easily access, share, analyze and review data from any LIFEPAK device. Customize documentation and gain advanced reporting for the insights you need to improve team performance and operational efficiency.

EMS powered products

In the unpredictable world of emergency response, every minute counts. Split-second decisions and unwavering courage are the norm. These are the firefighters, EMS professionals, nurses and rescuers who confront chaos with unwavering determination every single day. At Stryker, we stand shoulder to shoulder with these brave individuals, committed to being their ally in the fight to save lives and deliver quality care. But their work is not for the faint of heart.

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How the right equipment can help recruit and retain EMTs and paramedics

Reduce the risk of caregiver injury when loading and unloading cots.

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Knowing when to use an AED: CPR and AED guidelines for sudden cardiac arrest

When to use an AED is crucial in sudden cardiac arrest situations. Learn how to recognize sudden cardiac arrest symptoms and act promptly to help increae the chance of survival.

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EMS Stories: Provo Fire and Rescue

We spoke with Provo Fire & Rescue, in Provo, Utah. Hear about the care they administer in the back of their ambulance on a day-to-day basis.

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ProCare Services

Our expert medical device technicians help ensure your equipment is ready to perform when you need it. With preventive maintenance plans and tailored service support, we help you maximize the life of your equipment—and your investment.

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Through our Flex Financial business we can help you acquire our full portfolio of products and offer numerous payment structures that can be customized to meet your budgetary needs.

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Power-PRO 2

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LUCAS 3, v3.1 chest compression system

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LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator

The LIFEPAK 35 monitor/defibrillator for hospitals and EMS is a future-ready device designed to promote confident cardiac care, enable clinical excellence and deliver in demanding environments.

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Emergency Care training and education

Discover on-demand webinars, online and in-person training and additional resources created specifically for EMS, first responders, hospital clinicians, the community and more.

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Emergency Care Newsroom

The Emergency Care Newsroom is your source for industry news, clinical information, product and business updates, inspiring stories and more.

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