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EMT loading patient on a Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot

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Stryker's commitment to innovation in emergency and rescue 

In the unpredictable world of emergency response, every minute counts. Split-second decisions and unwavering courage are the norm. These are the firefighters, EMS professionals, nurses and rescuers who confront chaos with unwavering determination every single day. At Stryker, we stand shoulder to shoulder with these brave individuals, committed to being their ally in the fight to save lives and deliver quality care. But their work is not for the faint of heart.

Paramedics and EMTs face a litany of challenges:

Staff shortage
At any given time, 10 percent of the EMS workforce is out of work due to EMT injury.1

Care hazards
Sixty percent of ambulance officers experience back pain after performing CPR.2

One in four caregivers suffer a career-ending back injury within the first four years of employment3 and low back strain causes 78 percent of compensation days in the U.S. alone.4

Medic retention
Turnover rate within the first four years of a medic’s career is 24-25 percent.5


While these statistics are grim, consistent and constant medical advances and innovations are helping turn the tide in first responder safety.

That's where Stryker steps in. From busy city streets to the rugged wilderness terrain, emergency responders face a myriad of challenges that demand innovative solutions. We are dedicated to delivering a suite of cutting-edge powered products designed to support first responders and streamline emergency and rescue operations. With each innovation, we strive to not only enhance efficiency and effectiveness but also to provide peace of mind to those on the front lines.


Xpedition powered stair chair

Navigating through tight spaces, multiple flights of stairs and challenging terrain is a daily reality for emergency responders. With Xpedition, Stryker introduces a powered stair chair that not only simplifies patient transport but also enhances comfort and security for both the team and the patient. Now, getting the job done is not only easier but also more effective.


Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot

In the fast-paced environment of emergency medical transport, confidence and safety are paramount. Enter Power-PRO 2, the industry's first connected ambulance cot. With its advanced features and seamless integration, responders can now navigate their missions with assurance, knowing that they have reliable equipment by their side.


LUCAS 3, v3.1 chest compression system

Effective chest compressions are the cornerstone of sudden cardiac arrest management. With LUCAS 3, v3.1 Stryker offers a solution that delivers consistent, high-quality chest compressions with minimal strain and reduced caregiver risk. In fact, the LUCAS device has been shown to be as safe and effective as high-quality manual CPR.6,7

Now, responders can focus on what matters most - their patient.


Power-LOAD powered cot fastener

And finally, there’s Power-LOAD, a powered cot fastener that supports the ambulance cot throughout the loading and unloading process. With Power LOAD, we help ensure the safety of both patients and responders, allowing for smoother transitions and reduced physical strain in high-pressure situations.


Together, we save lives

We remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting heroes in the field through our innovative, reliable medical devices.

Connect with an expert to see how our powered solutions support first responders in the field.


Proven to save financial guarantee*, **

At Stryker, we stand behind our products. For qualifying purchasers*, upon standardization, Stryker offers a program that guarantees at least a 50 percent reduction in cot-related injuries pertaining to raising, lowering, loading and unloading cots and 100 percent reduction in missed safety hooks while unloading cots with the Power-PRO and Power-LOAD in full power operation. If not, Stryker will refund the price paid for the Power-PRO cots and Power-LOAD cost fastening systems.**