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You focus on patient care. We'll focus on medical equipment repairs.

Every day, you count on your medical equipment to perform at its best. With ProCare Services, our expert medical device technicians help ensure your equipment is ready to perform when you need it. With preventative maintenance plans and tailored service support, we help you maximize the life of your equipment—and your investment.

Stryker ProCare services provide medical device equipment repair and medical device services by trained biomedical repair technicians

Your trusted medical device service partner

ProCare isn’t just about hospital bed repair or medical equipment services. It’s a partnership you can count on to give you one less thing to worry about, and one more reason to feel confident you’re doing all you can for your clinicians, staff and patients.

of customers surveyed reported that their downtime had been reduced because of ProCare Services.1

of customers reported the life of their equipment has been extended because of ProCare Services.1

hours of equipment training is what our ProCare technicians receive, and have an average tenure of 12 years with Stryker.

Our proactive approach

With ProCare Service, we offer you operational and financial peace of mind through three comprehensive offerings: ProCare Preventative Maintenance, ProCare Protect and ProCare Prevent. Choose the medical equipment service package that best meets your needs.

Preventative Maintenance

With ProCare Preventative Maintenance, a dedicated, on-site Stryker ProCare medical device technician works with you to enable maximum performance and workflow management solutions related to equipment utilization and uptime, staff engagement and patient safety. 

ProCare Protect

ProCare Protect is a maintenance and service solution that provides OEM support with unlimited service calls, enabling you to balance equipment uptime needs within your budget.

ProCare Prevent

The optimal program for customers who need a total solution, ProCare Prevent provides enhanced service solutions to get the most from your equipment. ProCare Prevent includes unlimited service calls, OEM parts and annual preventative maintenance inspections, all with proper documentation. 

Choosing your plan

  PM-only Protect Prevent
Stryker OEM parts  
Labor and travel expenses for repairs  
Stryker-trained service specialist
2-hour call back time*
24-72 hour repair turnaround*  
Loaner device during PM or repair*
Software updates*
Discounts on upgrades
Documentation for governing bodies  
Annual PM inspection service  
*based on the provisions of the service agreement and the location of the product      
We've got your back

Optimize your investment

Best-in-class products and reliability are just the beginning of the Stryker commitment to customer satisfaction. While Stryker equipment is designed to provide high quality performance over time, the best way to optimize your capital investment is with a ProCare Service solution. Our service solutions provide the highest standard of service and support for your facility's needs and are customizable and scalable to any budget. 

Medical equipment repair technicians specializing in hospital bed repair and stretcher repair

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