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Our Prime Series stretchers are designed to reduce physical strain on clinicians, enhance comfort during patient transport and drive hospital efficiency. Transporting heavier patients in a hospital gurney is now easier with Stryker's advanced mobility, while electric functionality gives patients the independence to adjust themselves without calling for caregiver assistance. Fully equipped and highly configurable, our Prime Series stretchers allow you to create a solution that meets your specific needs.

Prime electric hospital transport gurney

Prime Series | Electric hospital stretchers | Stryker

The cost of falls

Noisy, chaotic and fast-paced—the emergency department never stops. With more patients and fewer nurses3, it can be challenging to not only set bed exit, but also to locate the right stretcher when an alarm is activated. And those actions have serious consequences.

Every year, nearly 1 million patients in the US experience a fall at the hospital1, with a significant number of these falls likely occurring in the emergency department. In addition to the devastating impact of lives lost, a fall can cost up to $32,2152 per episode of injury and take a serious toll on care team morale.

But falls don’t have to be the norm.

90% of emergency departments

More than 90% of U.S. EDs report feeling stressed beyond the breaking point, at least some of the time.

1 million patients1 

Every year, nearly 1 million patients in the US experience a fall at the hospital.


A fall can cost up to $32,2152 per episode of injury.

Nurse assisting patient from a electric hospital stretcher

Intelligent bed exit insights

to drive safer patient care

Stryker's electric hospital stretchers offer enhanced monitoring capabilities

Enhanced local monitoring

Local monitoring capabilities make it easy to acknowledge bed exit alarms in loud, fast-paced environments with the ability to have both the corridor light and the enhanced footboard display illuminate when bed exit is triggered.

Nurse looking at Vision dashboard for Stryker's Prime series electric hospital stretchers

Central monitoring

For centralized monitoring, our Vision dashboard displays what you need to know in near real-time, including an at-a-glance view of the stretcher's location, fall-risk status, bed exit status and more.

Nurse looking at Vocera Smartbadge notification from a Prime Connect electric hospital bed

Mobile monitoring

For on-the-go monitoring and rapid response times, Prime Connect can send notifications to the right care team members through Vocera Engage†.

Smart stretcher.
Confident care.


Empower your team with Prime Connect—Stryker’s first smart, connected stretcher.


With both visual and audible bed exit alarms, Prime Connect can communicate with the nurse call dome light, a Vocera Badge, or the nurse’s station through Vision to help enable fall protocol compliance from anywhere in your facility. 

Prime Connect*

Prime Connect hospital stretcher features footboard and bed exit lights

*Prime Connect kits are available for pre-sale to upgrade Prime Series electric stretchers equipped with bed exit and manufactured in 2018 or later. New Prime Connect stretchers will be available in 2024.

Prime Connect electric hospital stretcher showing wire plugged into wall

Wired notifications

Prime Connect can be plugged into your existing nurse call system, enabling the transmission of bed exit alarms through the system itself.

Prime Connect hosptial stretcher includes wireless capabilities

Wireless capabilities

The stretcher’s wireless system can integrate with our web applications, such as the Vision dashboard and Smart Equipment Management, as well as a wide range of our Vocera products for streamlined communication and workflows and confident patient care.

Mobile. Safe. Efficient.

Stryker stretchers

Stryker's Fifth Wheel hospital stretcher

Fifth Wheel

Recovery chair position

Glideaway siderails

Lift Assist backrest


700 lb. safe working load

Stryker's Big Wheel hospital stretcher

Big Wheel

All features of Fifth Wheel


Big Wheel mobility - push and steer easier compared to a manual Fifth Wheel stretcher

Stryker's Zoom motorized drive hospital stretcher


All features of Big Wheel


Zoom motorized drive - helps reduce strenuous pushing and pulling

Models can be configured to include:

  • Prime Connect for enhanced local, centralized and mobile monitoring
  • Electric lift (not available on Zoom models)
  • Patient and caregiver comfort controls
  • Bed exit
  • Scale

**1105 and 1115 models only 


Advanced stretcher configurations

Zoom motorized drive virtually eliminates manual pushing on electric hospital stretchers

Advanced stretcher mobility

Zoom motorized drive virtually eliminates manual pushing, while Big Wheel reduces start-up push force and steering.

Advanced hospital stretcher configurations include electric lift pedal

Electric lift pedal

eliminates manual pumping, allowing for quick patient access. Simply step on the hydraulic pedal to raise the litter.

Stryker's electric hospital stretchers include an enhanced footboard display including bed exit controls

Enhanced footboard display

includes bed exit controls, a new power and location icon, a customizable screen, a strip light to visualize bed exit status, an integrated scale (kg/lb) and additional caregiver controls.

Electric hospital stretchers include a recovery chair position

Recovery chair position

helps eliminate the need for unnecessary transfers by providing a comfortable seated position.

Prime electric hospital stretchers can include Lift Assist

Lift Assist®

uses the patient’s weight to raise the head of the stretcher while the drop seat design helps reduce boosting. Also available as a fully electric option.

IsoFlex SE gel hospital mattress helps keep patient skin safe and comfortable

IsoFlex® SE gel support surface

helps keep patients’ skin safe and comfortable with ShearGel throughout the entire surface and CoreGel in the sacral region.

Experience the smart, connected difference.

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