IsoFlex LAL

Non-Powered Surface

Isolates the three key contributors of skin breakdown: pressure, shear and micro-climate imbalance.

IsoFlex LAL Surface

IsoFlex LAL is a gel therapeutic support surface that helps reduce the risk of injuries by managing the three key contributors of skin breakdown; pressure, shear and microclimate imbalance.

  • ShearGel

  • CoreGel

  • Moisture management

  • 10 year warranty1

Product features

CoreGel Technology

Redistributes pressure by buckling and absorbing the patient’s weight, allowing immersion and envelopment to take place.2

IsoFlex LAL System

Features multiple outlets for direct air to skin in the sacral region and continues air flow to the torso.

Features Identification

Product features are graphically shown on the top and side of the cover for training and identification purposes.




IsoFlex LAL - Pressure Redistribution

IsoFlex LAL is a gel therapeutic support surface that assists in managing pressure, shear and microclimate through its exclusive cover and unique LAL open column design.

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