Gel support surface

Helping with pressure injury prevention.

Gel mattress hospital pressure injury prevention


IsoTour is a gel support surface designed to help prevent all stages of pressure injuries by addressing key risk factors of skin breakdown: pressure, shear, and moisture. The surface is composed primarily of gel structures that help redistribute pressure by buckling and absorbing the patient’s weight. The result: a pressure distributing, comfortable hospital mattress.

Gel hospital mattress

*When compared with the standard of care, pillow.

A. IsoTour pump

IsoTour is designed with user experience in mind. The surface can operate with or without a pump, but when the pump is attached, the surface coverts to low air loss (LAL) automatically, and allows you to use TruTurn easily.*

B. Innovative gel structure

Our exclusive gel is placed in three distinct zones to help with pressure redistribution on bony prominences, as well as to enhance comfort. The hospital mattress is composed primarily of gel structures that help redistribute pressure by buckling and absorbing the patient’s weight.

C. Microclimate management

The tall hexagonal structure in addition to the updated gel/LAL design promotes airflow up through the mattress directly beneath the patient.

TruTurn assist

IsoTour’s exclusive turn assist, TruTurn, provides assistance up to 30 degrees to assist in achievement of facilities individual turning protocols.

IsoTour aligns with the goals of Safe Patient Handling programs by helping to reduce the heavy lifting, turning, and offloading of patients that can lead to injury1.

Turn angle can be adjusted for patient tolerance and comfort up to 30 degrees. 

Gel mattress for hospital bed



Experience the power of gel



Proven Pressure Injury Prevention

reduction in truncal HAPIs during the period of one case study2

total cost savings during the period of one case study2

IsoTour Support Surface

Stryker's Financial Gurantees

50% rental reduction guarantee

Stryker’s IsoTour Support Surface Financial Guarantee is designed to reduce non-capital support surface costs for the hospital by 50% in the first year. If this goal is not achieved, Stryker will reimburse the hospital up to the difference between the guaranteed savings amount and the actual savings (reimbursement amount not to exceed the purchase price for IsoTour).**

30% HAPI guarantee

Stryker’s HAPI Financial Guarantee: Stryker guarantees participating facilities a 30% reduction of HAPIs (Stages 3, 4, unstageable, DTI) for patients using the Stryker IsoTour, IsoFlex LAL, Stryker IsoAir or Stryker Isolibrium Support Surface, for a guaranteed period.***


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