Prime X

X-Ray Stretcher

The simplicity, safety and efficiency of a Prime Series Stretcher with X-ray capability.

PrimeX Xray Stretcher

Image Quality. Access. Versatility.

Our Prime X X-ray Stretcher, utilizing ClearView Technology in a dual-deck design, offers a similar image quality to an X-ray table with the convenience and efficiency of a mobile platform.

  • Advanced mobility options: Big Wheel or Zoom Motorized Drive System

  • Electric powered base and lift

  • Integrated scale 

Product features

Simple cassette positioning

Beveled edges and visual alignment guides make positioning the cassette to the patient simple.

Exclusive ClearView Technology

This exclusive Stryker technology consists of structural foam encased by two layers of ABS composite, and offers image quality comparable to traditional X-ray tables, now on the Prime Series mobile platform.1

Mobility options

Choose from the retractable Fifth Wheel for controlled traction and cornering, or the Big Wheel Advanced Mobility solution.

Easy ID

Stryker Prime X exclusively uses a red color scheme on its handles, siderails, bumpers and accent rings, so the X-ray stretcher is easily identified.

Dual-deck design

The unique dual-deck design with an open cassette platform and a full 360 degrees of access allows positioning of cassettes from head end to foot end and side to side. Open architecture accommodates virtually any size cassette.

Glideaway siderails

These siderails offer maximum patient security when raised, yet are completely out of the way when lowered, to ensure zero transfer gap.

Easy cleaning

Articulating backrest and foot section offer enhanced cleanability through convenient access to the cassette platform. A power-washable design makes cleaning quick and easy.

Electric lift and optional scale

Caregivers can raise the litter of the stretcher by simply stepping on a pedal. Integrated scales help reduce the need for patient transfers.