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The next step in mobility.


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TruRize at a glance

Early patient mobility is a crucial component during the recovery process. TruRize helps to promote early patient mobility while providing caregivers the assurance they need to safely mobilize their patients.

  • Six positions (stand assist, recline, upright 1, upright 2, Full-flat transfer position, trend)
  • Height adjustability
  • Integrated chair exit alarm system compliant with IEC 60601-1-8 medium priority alarm
  • Pivoting armrests

Product features

Early patient mobility

Long-term patient immobility can potentially have negative effects on a patient’s recovery and overall health. TruRize helps to promote early patient mobility by supporting the patient to a standing position.

Stryker's TruRize Stand Assist function supports early mobility in the hospital

Stand Assist function

TruRize's Stand Assist function supports the patient to a standing position, helping to promote early patient mobility.

Stryker's TruRize clinical chair offers six set positions for easy adjustment

Six set positions

Six set positions allow operators to easily adjust TruRize into various positions with the simple push of a button.

Stryker's TruRize clincial chair includes pivoting armrests

Pivoting armrests

Pivoting armrests move to aid in patient transfer.

Stryker's TruRize clinical chair includes an integrated chair exit alarm system

Integrated chair exit alarm

An industry first*, integrated chair exit alarm system, with optional nurse call integration, may help to shorten response time to patient falls.

Stryker's TruRize clinical chair includes a lighted occupant control panel

Lighted occupant control panel

Patients now have the ability to control the positioning of their chair with the industry first*, lighted occupant control panel.

Stryker's TruRize clinical chair includes a caregiver specific control panel

Caregiver specific control panel

Easily accessible and easy to use, the caregiver specific control panel is an industry first*, offering simplicity in an otherwise complex environment.

Vertical handles on the TruRize clinical chair are designed for optimal ergonomic maneuvering

Vertical handles

Vertical handles designed for optimal ergonomic maneuvering.

Stryker's TruRize clinical chair includes one-touch brakes

One-touch brakes

One-touch brakes, located on both sides of the chair, simultaneously lock all four dual-wheel casters.

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