Prime TC

patient transport chair

Every aspect of the Prime TC seated transport chair is designed to help create a welcoming and safe environment. Prime TC is not your ordinary wheelchair and redesigned the way we think about seated patient transport. The BackSmart ergonomics have been incorporated into the design to help reduce the bending and reaching that may be associated with caregiver injury. A rigid frame helps enhance durability while reducing the risk of theft. This investment in the well-being of patients and caregivers tells them you care about their comfort and safety.

A nurse pushes a pediatric patient in the Prime TC patient transport chair

Product features

Helping drive better patient outcomes

The patient experience is critical to the success of your organization. Designed in partnership with the Michael Graves Design Group, the comforting aesthetics of the Prime TC transport chair visually communicate cleanliness, healing and an enhanced level of care. Our patient Transport Chair was designed to help reduce the risk of adverse events like patient falls and infection while enhancing the patient experience, all in an effort to maximize your reimbursements.
Patient is transported around a hospital on the Prime TC hospital wheelchair

Big Wheel maneuverability

The Prime TC utilizes innovation from Stryker stretchers to help ease cornering and steering of patients up to 500 pounds.

Upright oxygen bottle on the back of a Prime TC hospital transport chair

Upright oxygen bottle holder

This holder minimizes the bending and lifting required to place a heavy O2 tank underneath the chair.

Three hospital patient transport wheelchairs nested together to save valuable space

Rigid, nestable frame

The rigid frame of the Prime TC helps prevent theft, while the nesting design helps save valuable space throughout the facility. Prime TC has undergone rigorous life cycle testing to ensure that it will stand the test of time.

A nurse engages the one-touch central brake on the Prime TC transport wheelchair

One-touch central brake

This brake enhances caregiver efficiency and is foot-operated to help reduce bending and reaching. Enclosed mechanics protect the braking system from varying climates, while integrated anti-tip wheels increase safety.

Patient using the stand assist armrests on the Prime TC transport chair

Stand assist armrests

Uniquely designed, these armrests feature a raised and extended touchpoint for patients during ingress and egress to encourage nose-over-toes positioning. Armrests fold back easily for better patient access.

A nurses uses the BackSmart push handles on the Prime TC hospital transport wheelchair

BackSmart push handles

Upright, extended handles allow caregivers to position their elbows at an ergonomic 90-degree angle during transport and accommodate caregivers of virtually any height.

Upright footrests provide a clear path to help reduce trip hazards

Flip-up footrests

The footrests remain in an upright position to provide a clear path of patient ingress and egress, which helps reduce trip hazards for patients and caregivers. Foot-operated levers allow caregivers to position patients with reduced bending and help prevent transfer of germs and debris from touching dirty footrests. With Swing Away functionality, an intuitive foot-operated button swings footrests back and out of the way to provide closer access to beds, cars or tables, and offers unobstructed access to patients.

Top down view of the Prime TC patient transport chair

Long-lasting, seamless design

Molded plastic and powder-coated steel eliminate fabric rips and reduce the risk of rust that can be difficult to clean and often harbors infectious bacteria. A simple, power-washable frame makes cleaning quick and easy.

Black and white image of Michael Graves with an ivy backdrop

Michael Graves with Stryker

Designed in partnership with the Michael Graves Design Group, the open and welcoming aesthetics of the chair visually communicate cleanliness, healing and an enhanced level of care. Prime TC also feels right at home with other medical equipment and furniture.

Row of six hospital patient transport wheelchairs

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