ProCuity LEX and ZX MedSurg hospital bed
Procuity LEX and ZX MedSurg hospital bed

ProCuity LEX and ZX

Smart, connected hospital bed systems

Designed to enhance safety and outcomes in MedSurg while delivering a better experience for care teams


ProCuity LEX / ZX | Stryker

Help prevent falls in MedSurg

You care about keeping patients, nurses and staff safe, and we do too. That’s why we created ProCuity LEX and ZX. ProCuity – our safest, most innovative and versatile hospital bed system yet – helps to support fall prevention protocols and reduce injuries from falls while simplifying nurse workflows. 

1 million

Each year, up to 1,000,000 patients in the U.S. experience a fall while being treated in the hospital.1


More than one-third of falls in hospitals can be prevented.1


Most falls in the hospital occurred in the patient's room (50-85%) on or near the bed while unassisted (79%).1

Hospital beds designed with safety in mind

Research shows that a low bed can help reduce the frequency of falls, which can lead to improved patient outcomes.2

ProCuity LEX: Our lowest height in a bed 

  • 11.5” low height: Help reduce falls and fall-related injuries.
  • Electric brakes: Set the brakes with the touch of a button from the touchscreen or siderails.

ProCuity ZX: Scale from MedSurg to ICU

  • 14” low height, electric brakes.
  • Zoom Motorized Drive: Move patients safely and with less staff.
  • Scalable: Upgrade to ProCuity ZMX ICU bed as your needs evolve.


Product highlights

Driving safety and efficiency

Whether it’s removing the burden of monitoring safe hospital bed configurations, reducing the strain of transport, removing tripping hazards or providing stability to help patients stand, ProCuity is loaded with features that enhance workflow efficiency – and safety for patients and staff. 

Procuity's adaptive hospital bed alarm can detect patients exiting a bed.

Adaptive Bed Alarm

All hospital bed exit alarms can detect patients exiting the bed. ProCuity's Adaptive Bed Alarm goes a step further by adjusting its sensitivity based on the patient’s weight and position, and the bed’s siderail configurations – helping to improve the accuracy and reliability of alarms.

ProCuity LEX and ZX hospital bed includes bed monitoring notifications on the intuitive touchscreen display

Smart notifications and prompts

ProCuity’s intuitive touchscreen displays bed monitoring notifications when the bed configuration is out of compliance with the parameters set at the bedside. It also displays smart prompts – helpful reminders such as to zero the bed before a new patient, and to re-arm the bed alarm when the bed senses the patient’s weight. The durable touchscreen is tested for resistance to impact and cleaning agents.

Stryker's Zoom Motorized Drive on the ProCuity MedSurg hospital bed lets you move patients safely with less caregiver strain

Move with Zoom

Easy and intuitive to use, Zoom Motorized Drive allows you to move patients safely and with less staff, while helping to reduce caregiver back strain.

Zoom senses your hand and automatically deploys or retracts the wheel.

  • Go forward or reverse, with hand-adjustable speed control.
  • Zero-degree turn helps ease the strain of navigating tight turns in narrow hallways.
  • Tuck the collapsible handle away when it’s not needed.
Close up of USB charging port on the ProCuity hospital bed

USB charging port and phone holder

With ProCuity’s USB port and phone holder, patients can keep their phone nearby, eliminating the need to get out of bed to access or charge their phone. There’s no need for a phone cord, which can be a tripping hazard for patients and staff.

ProCuity MedSurg hospital bed includes adjustable, weight-bearing siderails that help patients stand safely

Three-position siderails

Adjustable, weight-bearing siderails, with grip points spanning the length, help patients with different body types to stand safely. 

Connect the bed to connect the nurse

In MedSurg units where fewer nurses are caring for more patients, ProCuity – the only truly wireless hospital bed on the market – can help nurses scale while reducing their burden. Connected ProCuity shares bed notifications and data with your electronic health record, nurse call, clinical communication system and more. 

Secure Connect

With Secure Connect, ProCuity automatically connects to your facility’s nurse call system cable-free to transmit nurse call requests, bed exit alarms and more, with 99.99% reliability.

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Vision clinical dashboard

When fewer nurses are caring for more patients, it takes Vision. Our Vision clinical dashboard gives nurses and staff remote visibility to safe bed protocol compliance.

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Delivering the information nurses need

Nurses can receive bed data and priority notifications through their mobile communication device when they can’t be at the bedside.††

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Support surfaces that help to drive better outcomes

Our premium support surfaces work with ProCuity LEX and ZX to help prevent pressure injuries and promote healing for every acuity level. 

IsoTour and IsoTour Premium

IsoTour is a gel support surface designed to help prevent all stages of pressure injuries by addressing key risk factors of skin breakdown – pressure, shear, friction and microclimate management. The surface is composed primarily of gel structures that help redistribute pressure by buckling and absorbing the patient’s weight. 

With the addition of a pump, IsoTour and IsoTour Premium convert to provide low air loss therapy for microclimate management. IsoTour Premium can also provide sacral offloading with TruTurn, to help in achievement of your facility's turning protocols. The turn angle can be adjusted up to 30 degrees for patient tolerance and comfort.

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IsoAir is an air-powered hospital mattress designed with both static and alternating low pressure modes.

Active sensor technology automatically adjusts pressure within the air cells to help control patient immersion to a specific depth. 

A series of airtight bladders run laterally across the mattress to provide optimal patient immersion and envelopment.

A low-air-loss system and breathable cover assist in skin moisture management.

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Product features including our Adaptive Bed Alarm, iBed® Watch, low bed height of 11.5 inches in L models and 14 inches in Z models, and patient stand assist button can help prevent patient falls in to and out of bed. More information can be found in our ProCuity brochure.

ProCuity LEX:

  • Length (Fully Retracted): 90.25 inches
  • Length (Fully Extended): 104.25 inches
  • Width: 42 inches
  • Low height: 11.5 inches

ProCuity ZX:

  • Length (Fully Retracted): 93 inches
  • Length (Fully Extended): 107 inches
  • Width: 42 inches
  • Low height: 14 inches


Without the bed extender: 84 in x 35 in (213.8 cm x 88.9 cm)  

With the bed extender: 96 in x 35 in (243.8 cm x 88.9 cm)  

  • Bed scale
  • 3-zone Adaptive Bed Alarm
  • iBed Watch
  • Auxiliary outlets
  • Battery back-up
  • Integrated bed extender
  • Nurse call interface
  • Pendant port
  • Manual brakes
  • Wireless capability
  • Motion interrupt
  • Integrated Foley hook
  • Integrated restraint tie-ins
  • Automatic under-bed light
  • Integrated pump holder
  • 3-position siderails
  • Smart prompts and Safety dashboard
  • Patient belongings holder

ProCuity has been tested with every nurse call system on the market today and integrates with most. Here are a list of the top 10 we see most often:

  • Rauland-Borg
  • Ascom
  • Jeron
  • Zettler
  • West-Com
  • Executone
  • Critical Alert
  • TekTone
  • Tyco SimplexGrinnell
  • NaviCare
  • ...and many more
  • 30% HAPI reduction
  • 50% fall reduction
  • 50% rental reduction

See below for more details or read more here.

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Improve your ROI with ProCuity

Working across departments as one seamless support system, ProCuity helps make standardization across your hospital easier and can even improve your ROI – helping reduce the added cost for specialty rentals and the need for bed transfers and extra staff.

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Stryker's Financial Guarantees

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50% fall reduction guarantee

We are so confident you’ll see better patient outcomes with ProCuity, we’re willing to share the financial risk with you through our fall prevention guarantees.*

50% rental reduction guarantee

Stryker’s Isolibrium Support Surface Financial Guarantee is designed to reduce non-capital support surface costs for the hospital by 50% in the first year. If this goal is not achieved, Stryker will reimburse the hospital up to the difference between the guaranteed savings amount and the actual savings (reimbursement amount not to exceed the purchase price for Isolibrium).**

30% HAPI guarantee

Stryker’s HAPI Financial Guarantee: Stryker guarantees participating facilities a 30% reduction of HAPIs (Stages 3, 4, unstageable, DTI) for patients using the Stryker IsoTour, IsoFlex LAL, Stryker IsoAir or Stryker Isolibrium Support Surface, for a guaranteed period.***

ProCuity ZMX

Designed to enhance safety and outcomes in the ICU while delivering a better experience for care teams, with a focus on helping to reduce pressure injuries and supporting early mobility.

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Helping with pressure injury prevention.

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Our IsoAir support surface is a deep cell, low-air loss (LAL) support surface that assists in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries (stages 1-4, unstageable and DTI) and is intended to aid in the moisture management of patient skin.

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Connected solutions

With simplified workflows and improved communication—hospitals can create richer, more human connections between care teams, patients and their loved ones for safer medical care and improved clinical outcomes.

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Stryker Launches Industry’s First Completely Wireless Hospital Bed

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