Ortho Q
Guidance system


Advanced surgical planning and guidance platform for hip and knee procedures

Today’s Ortho Q Guidance system with its refined design, enhanced camera, improved articulating arm and abundant user preferences provides active optical tracking designed to deliver a simpler, less invasive approach to hip and knee replacement.


Your streamlined TKA/THA guidance solution

Ortho Q Guidance system’s enhanced, custom components and proprietary technology – along with Stryker’s trusted performance, reliability and ease of use – combine to create a versatile, enabled platform that can grow with you.


Features and benefits

  • Economical entry to a scalable, future-ready platform
  • Open, agnostic implant platform
  • Active optical tracking technology
  • Enhanced FP8000 camera, including new articulating arm
  • Dual PCs (application and real-time)
  • Dual GUI touch monitors for control
  • Rapid registration and calibration/validation of instruments
  • Upgraded cart design; more capability with same small footprint
  • Mobile for use across ORs
  • Helps maximize potential of our hip/knee software features such as automatic and semi-automatic processing algorithms1
See more, now do more

A. Mobility castors with lockable brakes and cable guards

B. Small footprint cart (28”Wx30”L in park position)

C. Dual computer system

D. IO-panel

IO Panel


  1. RJ45 ports (robotics)
  2. RJ45 port (misc)
  3. RJ45 port (network)
  4. HD DVI-D (video in)
  5. Analog NTSC/PAL (video in)
  6. HDMI (video out)7. USB port

E. Small touch monitor

F. Articulating camera arm

G. Camera handle

H. (FlashPoint) FP8000 camera

I. Camera arm lock and release knob

J. Power cable support

K. Surgeon’s monitor

L. Mouse pad

M. Power supply

N. Equipotential bonding

Ortho Q features


4th generation
FP8000 camera

We continually improve our proprietary FP8000 camera, with today’s camera giving you more capability and options.


Pushing guidance forward1

  • Only guidance system with proprietary active optical technology
  • Highest maximum frame rate of today’s main systems
  • 85° up/down camera tilt
  • 180° side-to-side rotation combines for virtual 360° range of motion
  • Accommodates supine and lateral procedures

The power to personalize

Ortho Q Guidance, along with its hip and knee softwares, gives you the choice and control to tailor your solution to personal preferences and patient cases.

  • Implant choice
  • Standard or MIS techniques
  • Workflow configuration
  • Surgical approach
  • Patient positioning
  • Custom screen displays
  • And more

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