Take your power
to new depths.

Power tool with automatic depth measurement



From manual to magical

There’s a long list of challenges associated with manual depth gauges. They can provide inaccurate measurement. They can be difficult to manipulate with one hand. Their markings are easily obstructed, making your case harder than it should be. At Stryker, our power tool legacy has been established by seeing the challenges you face in the OR, then responding with innovative answers—and our latest is CD NXT. It isn’t magic. It just feels that way in the moments when fast, accurate, consistent performance matters most. 


Science behind the magic


CDNXT Components

You can never have
too much

  • Accurate and reproducible measurement in 1mm increments
  • Clear digital readout allowing improved visibility for depth measurement
  • Removes errors commonly associated with a manual depth gauge


You can never have too much confidence

Drilling and measurement
done as one.

  • Streamlined instrumentation and surgical steps - one-step drilling and measurement
  • Automatic cortex to cortex measurement and digital readout 
  • Up to 99mm of live depth
  • Removes user-to-user variability in depth measurement 
Drilling and measurement - Done as one

Simple. Seamless.
No matter the system.

  • Works independently of the implant system allowing for use across the market
  • Can be used for both locking and non-locking screws 
  • Compatible with legacy cordless driver attachments
  • Drill bit diameters range from 1.5-4.5mm and varying lengths
Simple Seamless

Plating that fits.
CD NXT may be used with Stryker and other manufacturer's implant systems. 

Only by truly understanding the challenges you face can we offer a portfolio to best fit your needs. With anatomically contoured plates designed or validated using our proprietary SOMA technology, streamlined instrumentation, and trained representatives, our plating portfolio is designed with you in mind.

Meet the rest of the System 9 family.
Built on trust. Empowering you. 

Charge with a more intuitive interface and confirm battery status pre-procedure. Hold onto the handpiece’s more holistic, ergonomic design to accommodate inverted cutting. See battery power at a glance and know your power tool is ready to perform. These are just a few of ways System 9 puts your needs first.

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