Zip skin closure

Zip is a non-invasive skin closure device for incisions and lacerations. Unlike sutures and staples, Zip uses an isolation zone and dynamic compression technology to create a puncture-free skin closure. This reduces wound complications1,2, saving you cost and time.

Zip’s benefits aren’t only limited to healthcare providers. The non-invasive closure method also leads to greater patient satisfaction.6 This means less pain, a greater range of motion during recovery, and reduced scarring. 7,8

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4x faster

than sutures5

12x stronger

than sutures9

2x better4
cosmetic appearance

Creates a better experience for you and your patients8

  • Easier, faster, and less painful to apply and remove5
  • Reduced scarring7
  • Increased range of motion during recovery

Saves you cost and time

  • Fewer wound complications1
  • Reduced post-discharge cost3
  • No added pathways for bacteria