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System 9
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System 9

Charge with a more intuitive interface and confirm battery status pre-procedure. Hold onto the handpiece’s more holistic, ergonomic design to accommodate inverted cutting. See battery power at a glance and know your power tool is ready to perform. These are just a few of ways System 9 puts your needs first.
The charger
that changes everything.

Our new wireless charger is the first of its kind—an advanced piece of technology for a smarter, more streamlined OR experience.

Charge through the blue wrap.

Don't let charging
interrupt your flow. 

No longer tied down to the sterile processing department—now, you can charge whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. Simply place up to six batteries onto the charger. Just like your favorite smartphone.

Battery indicators.

Now you have
an eye for power.

Battery indicators are designed to be brighter and repositioned, creating greater visibility for surgeons and the surgical team.

Battery visibility, amplified. 

Indicator lights upon connection

Indicator lights - upon connection

Indicator lights during use

Indicator lights - during use


It just clicks.

Our new handpiece-to-battery interface provides tactile and visual feedback, enabling efficient assembly and confident connection. 

Thoughtful contours.

Taking the pressure off.

Well-balanced and designed to fit in your palm while
reducing the number of pressure points while cutting. 

Built to outlast.

Reinforced coating for tough environments.

Over time, exposure to pressurized water and harsh
chemicals can wear down the toughest power tools—
until now. Introducing our most robust anodized coating
paired with IPX 9 rating for lasting performance. 

Pocket-sized peace of mind.

Improved safety pockets.

Avoid accidental activation and perform with greater confidence and peace of mind. 



It takes time to build trust.
40 years to be exact.
Generations of
power tools
*Estimated hours of 
listening to you
*Estimated hours of 




Engineered on generations of insights.
System 9 continues Stryker's decades long legacy of experience in tool design.
System 9 - Evolution Timeline






A system built for the whole hospital. 
System 9 - Full Family

Lightweight saw delivers optimized cutting speed, control and accuracy



Cordless Driver

Gives you the confidence you need to drill, cut and ream in sports med and ortho trauma procedures. 



Cordless Driver
200+ cutting accessories. 
Innovative attachment compatibility. 



Tailored solutions.



Smart devices. Actionable data. Informed decisions

Stryker’s Smart Equipment Management (SEM) is an online data module designed to help you optimize the management of your System 9 power tools through device-derived, actionable data. 



Your equipment is an investment.

Stryker’s ProCare program allows you to get the most from that investment, with our expert team of technicians who have the proprietary knowledge, tooling, and parts to care for your power tools in accordance with our manufacturing specifications.

Flex Financial

Flex Financial

Add flexibility to your budget 

Through Stryker’s Flex Financial business, we provide a range of smart alternatives designed to fit your organization’s needs. We offer flexibility beyond a cash purchase - enabling you to acquire our full portfolio of products.



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