Small bone power tool system

A versatile small bone electric power tool system that is powered through the CORE Console and consists of intuitive, lightweight handpieces. TPX’s design makes OR setup easier and more efficient.

Solution for a variety of small bone procedures 

Combined with a variety of different cutting accessories, TPX enables the cutting and shaping of bone for podiatry, foot and ankle, sports medicine, hand and wrist, and oral maxillofacial procedures.  

  • Intuitive design of the device allows surgeons to focus on the procedure at hand

  • Ergonomic design that improves ease of use enabling a more intuitive assembly process

  • Distinct connection points enable a confident connection

  • Durable handpieces made out of stainless steel

  • Specialized handpieces consist of four saws, a micro drill, universal driver, and wire driver

  • I.D. Touch capabilities on the Core 2 Console with the sagittal saw and micro drill handpieces