Post-operative care One portfolio, 
endless solutions.

A. SideKick 

Disinfecting wipes

B. Prime TC

Transport chair

C. Mistral-Air

Forced air warming system


Defibrillator/monitor with Code Management module

E. Prime Series


F. Tru-Fit

Overbed table

Prime Series stretcher

Especially mobile and user-friendly, our Prime Series stretcher is designed to reduce the physical strain on clinicians, drive efficiency and enhance patient comfort. Fully equipped and highly configurable, the Prime Series stretcher allows you to create the ideal solution to meet your specific needs.


Mistral-Air forced air warming system

The Mistral-Air forced air warming system is uniquely designed to serve as a solution that optimizes patient warming throughout the peri-operative process. System exclusives include a HEPA filter and diffusion and reflective technology. This system also comes with a wide range of plus and premium disposables, over- and under-temperature alarms, a default blower start-up temperature of 38 degrees celsius and a quiet, high-volume blower. 

Prime TC transport chair

Designed in partnership with the Michael Graves Design Group, the comforting aesthetics of the Prime TC transport chair visually communicate cleanliness, healing and an enhanced level of care. The Prime TC transport chair is designed to help create a comfortable and welcoming environment that speaks volumes to caregivers, patients and their family members.


SideKick disinfecting wipes

SideKick is a cleaning and disinfecting wipe that is convenient and effective at disinfecting healthcare surfaces with a two-minute wet contact time. Its broad-spectrum efficacy is tuberculocidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal. SideKick wipes are the only cleaning and disinfecting solution that is 100% compatible for use our beds, stretchers, patient support surfaces, furniture, chest compression systems, defibrillators, emergency care cots, cot fasteners and chairs – guaranteed. 


Tru-Fit overbed table

The sleek design of the award-winning Tru-Fit overbed table easily slides under beds, stretchers and mobile recliners. Available in several laminate and base colors. Stryker's single-top and split-top overbed tables coordinate with any room decor.


Symmetry side seating

Simple, flexible seating solutions for your patient care areas. The Symmetry seating suite offers comfortable, stylish alternatives for your patient rooms. Each chair’s ergonomic design provides lumbar, leg and hip support, while the highly resilient construction complements clinical standards.


Bedside stand

Durable yet elegant, bedside stands are designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s clinical environment. With five unique styles and a variety of laminate and hardware options, these bedside stands provide design latitude to coordinate your patient suites.



Designed specifically for crash carts and patient transport, the LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor offers 360J escalating biphasic energy for both manual and automated defibrillation.