Build your Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)

at every phase

Building an ASC from the ground up is no simple task.
But we can help make it feel simple.

Just say where, and we’re with you from there. In the last 30 years, we’ve helped design and outfit over 15,000 operating rooms, and our broad product portfolio has the right equipment for every part of your Ambulatory Surgery Center. We’ll share our expertise every step of the way.


Phase 1 
Property acquisition

24 months from opening

The right place to start is finding the right place. While new construction may seem ideal, existing structures can often be retrofit into highly-functional Ambulatory Surgery Centers and tend to offer more flexibility in location in highly-developed areas.

Phase 2 
Initial project scope

20 months from opening

Ambulatory Surgery Centers come in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to project scope, the mistake most people make is not dreaming big enough, which can lead to expansion at greater expense. Our market data and experience can help you right-size your facility from the very start.

Phase 3 
Architect contracting

18 months from opening

Choosing an architect may be the biggest single decision in the Ambulatory Surgery Center design process. We’ll help you find a partner that shares your vision—recommending trusted partners with ASC design experience. Because while some things can be altered or upgraded later, you have to live with the decisions you make about, and with, your architect every day.

Phase 4 
Equipment & budget planning

14 months from opening

The equipment an Ambulatory Surgery Center can afford isn’t all about projections, it’s about creating financial flexibility. We can help provide cash flow convenience by balancing initial investment with smart financing options. You can pay by procedure, choose leasing options, or get a plan customized to your specific needs.

Phase 5 & 6 
Room Layout Design
and Clinical Specifications

12 months from opening

We’ve been equipping operating rooms for almost 30 years—15,000 and counting. Our broad product portfolio has the right equipment for every part of your Ambulatory Surgery Center. We can provide value across the top specialties in the ASC setting, including orthopaedic surgery. We can even make the design process easier than ever, with our HoloLens 2 mixed-reality design technology.

Phase 7 & 8 
Construction Documents
and Install

6 months from opening

After careful planning, we can help you be sure the final steps in Ambulatory Surgery Center construction all go to plan. Our network of trusted partners have experience fabricating operating rooms and installing our equipment, sometimes having hundreds of previous jobs under their belts.


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