Pre-operative care One portfolio, 
endless solutions.

A. Sterizone VP4 sterilizer 

Low-temperature sterilization system

B. Symmetry II 

Side seating

C. Prime Series 


D. Michael Graves with Stryker 

Bedside stand

E. Sage Nose to Toes 

Pre-op prepping system

Prime Series stretcher

Especially mobile and user-friendly, our Prime Series stretcher is designed to reduce the physical strain on clinicians, drive efficiency and enhance patient comfort. Fully equipped and highly configurable, the Prime Series stretcher allows you to create the ideal solution to meet your specific needs.


VP4 sterilizer

The VP4 sterilizer is designed to sterilize low temperature sterilizable devices, including some of the most complex and sensitive devices like multi-channel flexible endoscopes that fall within certain dimensions.


Sage Nose to Toes
pre-op prepping systems

Sage Nose to Toes pre-op prepping systems are clinically proven to address bacteria in the nares, the oral cavity, and on the skin and can help standardize your pre-op approach for maximum efficiency and enhanced compliance.


Michael Graves with
Stryker bedside stand

Designed in partnership with the Michael Graves Design Group, the open and welcoming aesthetics of the Michael Graves with Stryker furniture line visually communicates cleanliness, healing and an enhanced level of care. The Michael Graves furniture line was created to enhance the patient experience by decreasing the clutter of the hospital room while making each item easy to use and accessible to the patient.


Tru-Fit overbed table

The sleek design of the award-winning Tru-Fit overbed table easily slides under beds, stretchers and mobile recliners. Available in several laminate and base colors. Stryker's single-top and split-top overbed tables coordinate with any room decor.


Symmetry side seating

Simple, flexible seating solutions for your patient care areas. The Symmetry seating suite offers comfortable, stylish alternatives for your patient rooms. Each chair’s ergonomic design provides lumbar, leg and hip support, while the highly resilient construction complements clinical standards.