Forced Air Warming System

Simple, Safe, Efficient management of patient temperature

Mistral-Air at a glance

The Mistral-Air Forced Air Warming System is uniquely designed to serve as a solution that optimizes patient warming throughout the perioperative process. The high volume blower featuring HEPA filtration is designed to work in tandem with low-pressure blankets, evenly distributing diffused warm air over the surface of the patient to help control against the onset of hypothermia.

System exclusives:

  • HEPA filter
  • Diffusion technology
  • Reflective technology 

Additional features:

  • Wide range of plus and premium disposables
  • Over- and under-temperature alarms
  • Default blower start-up temperature of 38°C
  • Quiet, high-volume blower
  • Filter maintenance alert after 2,000 hours of use
  • Sterile blanket options

Product features

Low noise level

Helps reduce disruption and increase focus during surgery.

HEPA filtration

The Mistral-Air HEPA Filter is proven as 99.99% effective in capturing what is considered to be the most difficult particle size tocatch, .3 microns. 

Default temperature

Default blower start-up temperature of 38°C ensures warming therapy begins when the unit is powered on and helps prevent inadvertent cooling of the patient.

Diffusion technology

A high-volume blower combines with the soft, non-woven material of the blankets to enable quiet and even warm air delivery through diffusion technology. By eliminating jets of forced air, lofting is minimized, and warm air remains on the patient rather than in the surrounding environment.

Premium Blankets

The Premium Blanket portfolio can be used both actively by being plugged into the warming unit and passively without being plugged into the warming unit. Even without a warming unit connected to the blanket, the reflective layer will reflectthe patient’s radiant body heat preserving the body temperature. The radiolucent materials will not interfere with imaging requirements. Premium Blankets are X-Ray translucent, but not for use in MRI.

Premium Warming Suits

Designed for versatility and adaptability for each phase of the perioperative pathway. The Mistral-Air Warming Suit is ideal for pre-warming. It combines the functionality of a hospital gown with the benefits of a warming suit / blanket.

MA3360-PM Premium Upper Body Reflective Blanket

Versatile blanket portfolio

With over 25, there is an extensive range of blankets, including the exclusive Premium Adult blanket. These blankets help accommodate a broad spectrum of patient and surgical needs. Soft, premium materials combined with the even delivery of warm air through diffusion technology help provide a comfortable experience for patients.

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