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Instability repair

Stryker’s 1.4mm shoulder instability anchor platform features the Iconix all-suture anchor and the NanoTack TT PEEK anchor, the smallest PEEK anchor on the market.

Key intraoperative advantages of the platform include:

  • shared instrumentation of a straight, 12 and 25-degree guide as well as a shared drill  

  • platform compatibility allowing you to intraoperatively select the anchor best suited for the patient with a focus on bone preservation

  • 72% less bone removal with our instability platform drill than that of a competitive 2.9mm drill1

See the 1.4mm platform in action

Thomas Noonan, M.D.*

Denver, CO

J.R. Rudzki, M.D.*

Washington, D.C.

Robert Hartzler, M.D.*

San Antonio, TX

*Stryker consultant

Bone preservation
The volume of bone removal by Stryker's instability platform drill has been shown to be 72% less than that of a competitor 2.9mm drill. Preserving glenoid bone may reduce the risk of fracture.1
Bone preservation

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