Knotilus Anchor System

Knotless suture anchors

The Knotilus anchor has greater ultimate pullout strength than competitive instability anchors.*

The Knotilus implant loop does not rely on friction but is secure inside the center of the implant and locked into the PEEK anchor body. The Knotilus system is available with two guide tip options, allowing for preference.

  • 2.4–2.9mm wedge design

  • 25mm loop

  • Stepped Drill—equipped with a hard stop

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CinchLock SS and CinchLock Flex

The CinchLock knotless anchors allow for greater control over repairs with independent cinching capability and an internal suture locking feature to allow for fixation independent of bone quality. The anchor offers speed and simplicity with the "one-click lock and release" design. CinchLock Flex is the market's first and only flexible knotless anchor.

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Champion SlingShot

The Champion Slingshot has been optimized for use in the shoulder and allows you to both pass and retrieve suture using a single portal. Its ergonomic thumb-slide design helps to eliminate additional procedural steps and potentially reduce operating time.

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Omega self-punching knotless anchor system

Self-punching all-PEEK knotless anchor platform with screw-in fixation. The Omega eyelet is independent of the screw, or decoupled, which offers key intraoperative advantages while maintaining the same number of surgical steps as coupled implants.

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Suture and tape offerings

XBraid and Force Fiber creates a comprehensive suture and tape portfolio across a variety of configurations, including specialty options. Available in 14 color patterns, various width options, multiple lengths and offered both with and without needles. The XBraid family consists of distinct colors with helical pattern designs that differentiate the braid for maximum visibility.

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