Adaptable positioning system

Adaptable arm positioner and beach chair system

The precise patient-specific positioning you deserve.

The Adaptable positioning system delivers precise patient-specific positioning and is designed to maximize surgical and operative access for the shoulder, inclusive of beach chair and lateral Shoulder Arthroscopy, TSA and fracture. 

Reproducible and safe positioning is the first step of any successful surgical approach and is essential for advanced surgical techniques. The Adaptable  system allows for precise positioning control within a case. In my OR, this has allowed personnel to focus more on the procedure itself.”
-Dr. Brett Sanders, M.D. and key developing surgeon

Adaptable beach chair

Streamlined. Reproducible. Patient positioning designed with the patient, surgeon, anesthesia and OR staff in mind.

Adaptable beach chair features

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breakthrough design

A – Unobstructed airway access​

B – Halo and Cradle design to safely position the patient's head and neck, while maintaining an open airway

​C – Head rest allows flexion to facilitate the sniffing position for intubation

​D – More planes of adjustability than any other competitor

Accommodates wider range of patient sizes than the leading competitors.

Cart design allows for single-person setup and no lifting required.


Adaptable arm positioner

Unlike other arm positioners on the market, Adaptable is fully mechanical with no need for power, batteries or compressed gas, which may improve OR efficiency. The anti-slip alumifoam is designed to prevent arm slippage.​

Adaptable beach chair features

Explore the
breakthrough design

A – Proprietary feather touch release handle

B – Advanced locking mechanism

​C – Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction

​D – Quick-mount design

Fully mechanical

No tubes

No batteries

No compressed gas

No foot pedal



Beach chair and lateral decubitus position

Anti-slip alumifoam designed to prevent arm slippage

Lockable internal/external rotation

Adaptable arm positioner clinical set up

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