Integrated arthroscopy pump

CrossFlow integrated arthroscopy pump



True integration

Fluid management integrated with resection





Custom surgeon profiles for unique fluid and resection settings




Temperature control

ReconiSense TC includes temperature monitoring and mitigation features


Integration that users will appreciate

Stryker's CrossFlow pump is an integrated inflow and outflow system designed to improve performance1 and increase efficiency2. An easy-to-use interface paired with Stryker’s ReconiSense technology allows integration from fluid management to resection performance.

A. Easy to use interface allows for simplicity to begin each case.

B. Pre-set pressure, flow and suction settings specific to each joint space

C. Custom surgeon profiles allow for unique setting adjustments designed to meet each users needs

D. Cassette-style tubing eliminates need to wrap tubing prior to cases

E. Option to use inflow-only, or inflow and outflow mode 

F. Accessories including autoclavable hand control and CrossFlow footswitch

G. Multiple tubing options, including Day-Use/Patient-Use and integrated 


True integration

Between CrossFlow integrated arthroscopy pump and CrossFire 2 resection console

Connection via Firewire cable to the CrossFire 2 allows the CrossFlow pump to maintain set pressure and determine specific suction rates for Stryker's cutters, burs and RF probes


Designed to provide consistent visualization by managing suction while debriding bone and soft tissue


One footswitch controls CrossFlow pump functionality, Formula shaver handpieces and SERFAS energy probes

Custom surgeon profiles

For unique and customizable fluid management and resection settings

Stryker's console customizer app allows preferred settings for fluid management and resection to be saved, eliminating the need to adjust during each case


The CrossFire footswitch has customizable buttons that allow control over Formula handpieces, SERFAS energy probes and the CrossFlow pump



Pre-programmed user profiles are uploaded onto the CrossFlow pump and CrossFire 2 consoles to allow custom settings to auto populate before users enter the OR

Temperature control

With ReconiSense TC temperature monitoring and mitigation features

ReconiSense TC utilizes the integration between the CrossFlow arthroscopy pump and the CrossFire 2 resection console to determine the temperature state of the joint space 95% accurate within +/-4.63°C.3


When the CrossFlow recognizes the temperature state of the joint is increasing, it will increase suction and flow rates to turn over fluid in the joint faster.4


Sensorless temperature readings give you real time temperature displays on the pump screen

Accessories designed to meet your

Stryker’s arthroscopy pump accessories include an autoclavable hand control, gravity flow tube sets and a dual irrigation adapter.

1. SOP0163.03
2. K151932
3. Stryker TR19389
4. Stryker FS10277. The specifications that control this functionality are TR18990, TR19390 (A150.10, A150.20).