All-suture anchor platform featuring IntelliBraid suture anchor technology.


A bunching like no other

Proven fixation and strength1 for you and your patients



Endless possibilities.

All-suture. Endless possibilities

The Iconix family of all-suture anchors (Iconix, Iconix TT, Iconix Needles and Iconix Speed) continues to change what’s possible with suture anchor technology. This comprehensive all-suture anchor platform with a needles option, self-punching option and tie-able anchor tape option is designed to fit your orthopaedic needs.

iconix multitude of configurations

A multitude of configurations

Iconix is available in 14 different suture and anchor tape configurations. Options include 1.4mm and 2.3mm sizes, double and triple loaded, with and without needles, self-punching and non-self-punching, #5 suture, #2 suture, 1.2mm and 2.0mm anchor tapes.

iconix guides


The Iconix all-suture anchor platform offers a variety of drill guide options (2.3mm and 1.4mm) including straight short, straight, 12-degree, 12-degree slant, 25-degree, 25-degree slant and disposable kit options.

iconix minimal bone removal 3mm drill hole comparison to iconix 2.3mm and 1.4mm drill holes

Minimal bone removal

With 1.4mm and 2.3mm sizes, the Iconix platform requires minimal bone removal for anchor fixation. 

iconix self centering technology

Self-centering technology

The disposable drills feature a unique self-centering (SC) technology, to help with accurate pilot hole placement for both straight and curved guides.

  • The Iconix drill is designed to help mitigate the creation of metal shavings during drilling.

A bunching like no other

Proven fixation and strength1 for you and your patients

intellibraid technology bunching effect

Fixation with IntelliBraid anchor technology

IntelliBraid anchor technology creates a one-of-a-kind bunching effect using targeted compression zones within the implants’ sheath for optimal fixation.

strength icon

The strength

The Iconix all-suture anchor platform offers anatomic repairs, greater pullout strength1 than competitors and a variety of technique options.

See it in the cuff


Self-Punching option

Stryker’s Iconix Speed all-suture anchor is designed to eliminate the need to drill and supports precise anchor placement during rotator cuff repair.

*Iconix Speed is only indicated for rotator cuff repair.

Iconix close up tip

Multiple suture configurations for a variety of techniques.

Triple loaded 1.2mm XBraid TT

Double loaded 2.0mm XBraid TT

Double loaded #2 Force Fiber

Combo 1.2mm and 2.0mm XBraid TT

See it in an Achilles reconstruction


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