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XBraid S, XBraidTT and ForceFiber
suture and tape portfolio


XBraid and Force Fiber creates a comprehensive suture and tape portfolio with a variety of configurations including specialty options. This portfolio is available in 14 color patterns, various width options, multiple lengths and offered both with and without needles. The XBraid family consists of distinct colors with helical pattern designs that differentiate the braid for maximum visibility.

A complete suture portfolio to address your orthopedic needs


XBraid is stronger than the leading competitor with 35 lbf as demonstrated in the knot pull competitive testing charts above.

Handling characteristics

XBraid’s optimal handling characteristics make it smoother during tissue passage and more resistant to cut through.

Low profile knots

XBraid TT (1.4mm) has 228% more surface area and a 59% reduction in knot-stack profile as compared to the leading competitor's #2 blue suture.

Cobra Black Weave

Cobra Black Weave incorporates helical color patterns designed to enhance visibility.

Cobra Black needles

Cobra Black needles are made with a 300 series stainless steel, giving them at least twice the ductility and superior sharpness than the leading competitor. As compared to stainless steel needles, Cobra Black needles are designed to enhance visibility and reduce glare, especially in blood and smaller surgery sites.

XBraid independent sutures and tapes

XBraid S and Force Fiber

XBriad S and Force Fiber are a non-absorbable ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene surgical suture designed for tensile and knot break strength during ligation of soft tissue to bone. Unlike polyblend sutures, Force Fiber is composed of a proprietary combination of materials that allow for a unique braid construction. Additionally, Force Fiber is designed with lubricity in mind, so that each knot may slide right down onto the last even when space is tight.

XBraid TT

XBraid TT is a smooth, low profile, 100% ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene suture tape designed to increase the suture footprint allowing for increased soft tissue-to-bone contact in soft tissue repairs. The custom design of the XBraid TT allows the suture to lie flat against the tissue to increase the suture footprint.

XBraid specialty sutures and tapes

Passing Loop

XBraid Passing Loops allow for multiple sutures to be shuttled withone pass and facilitate a luggage tag technique.

Whip Stitch

XBraid Whip Stitch has tape and suture options, ideal for multi-strand tendon repair. Loops are available in various sizes and colors including a smaller 10" option up to a 20" option.


XBraid SharpShooter includes 13" double armed long trocar meniscal needles to provide an excellent option for standard inside-out meniscal repair procedures.