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80 years of innovation
When Dr. Homer Stryker, an orthopaedic surgeon from Kalamazoo, Michigan, found that certain medical products were not meeting his patients’ needs, he invented new ones and pursued innovative ideas, guided by better patient outcomes. This desire to improve healthcare through innovation still drives us today.
Continuum of care From advanced devices and software that transform care settings into state-of-the-art environments, to advanced visualization that guides surgeons and robotics with insightful analytics, Stryker’s Advanced Digital Healthcare is driving improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes across the continuum of care.
Event, Transport, Diagnose, Plan, Operate, Recover, Monitor, Rehab, Follow-up

Digital connections See how we are embracing digital capabilities to drive connectivity to make healthcare more precise, efficient and personalized.
iBed® Wireless


Stryker’s iBed Wireless System – available on the new ProCuity bed series as well as Stryker’s S3 and InTouch beds – helps enable wireless bed alarms, advanced fall prevention1, electronic health records (EHR)* and related documention1, as well as smart equipment management1. iBed Wireless is compatible with many information management systems to enable each facility to build a custom end-to-end solution. 

iBed Vision is a caregiver-centric fall prevention dashboard that provides caregivers with increased visibility to safe bed configuration compliance, fall protocols, and bed alarm activity.

It takes near real-time fall risk data from EHR and associates it with appropriate safe bed protocols per patient, set by healthcare professionals (HCPs), to help ensure a safer patient experience and an easier workflow for caregivers. 

The LIFENET® System


From the beginning of a medical case in the field, during transport, transfer into the hospital and throughout post-event review, Stryker is with you.

The LIFENET System makes it easy to share patient and performance information to consult, manage and quickly activate protocols that alert designated teams for urgent needs including sudden cardiac arrest, STEMI and stroke. 

Stryker’s portfolio of connected devices and solutions streamlines patient and device data to link care teams for improved decision making and reduced time to treatment, helping to improve patient outcomes around the globe.



Stryker’s iSuite is a fully customizable, integrated operating room (OR) ecosystem that was designed to increase safety, efficiency and caregiver satisfaction.  From our category leading cameras, surgical lights, and equipment management solutions to our routers, cables, and displays, Stryker offers all necessary equipment to fully integrate an OR suite. This unique, customized environment helps ensure clinicians are equipped to provide the best possible care to their patients. 

Through the power of the Connected OR operating system, the iSuite provides intuitive, control of all connected devices in the OR.

Whether it’s visualizing critical anatomy with the 1688 AIM 4K platform, controlling surgical lights or routing critical images to displays in the OR, the iSuite is designed on a future-ready integration platform with scalable 4K video routing.

We’ve focused on improving safety and efficiency in the iSuite so our customers can focus on patient care.

Featured products

1688 AIM
4K Platform and
SPY Fluorescence Technology

Blueprint 3D
Planning and Mixed Reality

Connected OR
Integrated system

Stryker ENT Navigation

HipMap and HipCheck
Patient specific planning

Wireless System

Data and asset management system


Q Guidance System
Spine and cranial applications

Smart Equipment Management
Digital device management

Safety-Sponge System

Vocera Engage
Workflow and communication


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