Q Guidance System

Advanced surgical planning and navigation platform for
cranial and spine procedures

Today’s Q Guidance System boasts full-spectrum active/passive hybrid optical tracking via a redesigned, state-of-the-art camera; enhanced spinal and cranial software applications; and sophisticated processing algorithms and instrumentation that aim to deliver more surgical planning and navigation capability than ever before.
Redefining what's possible Through new optical tracking options, sophisticated software algorithms and instrumentation, today's Q Guidance System aims to deliver more surgical planning and navigation capabilities.

Features and benefits1

  • Full-spectrum active/passive hybrid optical tracking
  • Only guidance system with proprietary active technology
  • Two PCs; Real-Time PC tracks patient data independent of operating system/apps on Application PC
  • Two touch screen monitors for control inside/outside sterile field
  • Seamless integration and auto registration with Airo TruCT
  • Works with completely redesigned Cranial and Spinal software applications
    • Spine Guidance Software is the first to receive FDA clearance for use with pediatric patients age 13 or older
    • Cranial Guidance Software offers optional modules such as navigated catheter placement via electromagnetic (EM) tracking and Precision Targeting System for brain biopsy
See more, now do more

1    FP8000 camera

2    Camera arm

3    Monitor arm

4    Drawer with mouse and keyboard

5    Connector panel (IO-panel)

6    Storage drawer

7    Dual computer system

8    Powerbox (power supply)

9    Big Touch Monitor

10  Small Touch Monitor

11  EM Field Generator Mounting Arm
        and Instrument Adapter Box (optional
        components for cranial software)

12  Castors with brakes and cable pushers



4th generation FP8000 camera

Pushing navigation forward1

  • Offers unmatched speed
  • The flexibility of multiple optical tracking methods, including full-spectrum active/passive hybrid optical tracking1
  • Only guidance system/camera with proprietary active technology
  • Designed for accurate re-registration using reference points


Up to 4x

faster than StealthStation1



Up to 16x

faster than Excelsius1


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