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Stryker’s connected solutions bring people and information together for better patient care

Connected Solutions

Bringing people and information together for better patient care. 

Innovations that empower outcomes

With nurses caring for more patients than ever  before, the demands upon them have only increased. We offer caregivers connected and confident care at their fingertips.
Available with Stryker's ProCuity bed series, the S3 MedSurg and InTouch Critical Care beds, our connected solutions are compatible with most healthcare information management systems, allowing your facility to build a custom end solution. Our connected solutions were designed to help prevent patient falls*, simplify workflows and keep patients safe. We can wirelessly communicate bed data and priority alerts to caregivers when they can’t be at the patient’s bedside.1
At the heart of our system is iBed Wireless--the enabling technology that allows us to bring these solutions to your healthcare facility.



Connected Solutions at a glance



iBed Vision

iBed Vision is a protocol management dashboard that gives caregivers visibility to safe bed configuration compliance and bed exit alarm activity.

It takes fall risk data pulled directly from a patient’s electronic health records (EHR)** and associates it with appropriate fall prevention protocols, set by HCPs, to ensure a safer patient experience and an easier workflow for caregivers.


SEM (Smart Equipment Management) is a cloud-based application available for hospitals who are looking to gather near real-time data from their Stryker MedSurg and ICU beds. With SEM, you will be able to remotely identify the bed’s location, serial number, operational status, error codes and much more.

This intuitive application is compatible with computers, tablets and mobile phones, allowing you flexibility to remotely evaluate your equipment. The SEM application provides you with product information to work smarter, not harder and can save you valuable time.

SEM helps gather near real time data from Stryker MedSurg and ICU beds

Benefits of our Connected Solutions

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Take a more proactive approach in helping prevent patient injuries, such as falls. With bed alarm notifications and an enhanced ability to monitor risk, our system can assist your hospital staff attend to patient safety risks quickly.

Simplify workflows

Simplify workflows

With our Connected Solutions in your hospital, caregivers can access data-driven insights that aid in effective clinical decision-making, and help improve processes related to patient care protocols, asset management and asset maintenance.

Integrate your systems

Integrate your systems

As part of our Connected Solutions, iBed Wireless is an open-architecture and adaptable solution that can work with dozens of 3rd party systems. Protect and enhance your hospital's investments by sharing and coordinating data across various EHRs, nurse call systems, communication devices and applications.

Secure Connect

With Secure Connect, there’s no need to constantly plug and unplug nurse call cables from the wall into the bed. Designed to help reduce errors and improve efficiency, Secure Connect provides 99.99%2 reliability for crucial patient safety information such as bed exit alarms to be transmitted to your facility’s nurse call system. With Secure Connect, be confident you are always connected to what matters most: your patients.
Secure Connect provides reliability for crucial patient safety information

Stryker's Financial Guarantees

We’re confident in the role our products and services play in your patient care, which is why we choose to carry the weight together. With our financial guarantee programs, that weight becomes lighter. Learn more about how we share in the risk for your long-term financial investment. 

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