The future 
of integration

is here. 

The Connected OR IP system provides intuitive user control of your connected devices, creating a future-ready integration platform with scalable 4K video routing, designed to increase efficiency in your operating room and to make your job easier.

Connected OR operating system

What does the future of integration look like? The Connected OR IP Integration system, the latest innovation in Stryker’s market-leading integration platform is officially here. This latest OR integration system leverages IP networking technology to power your OR – allowing your staff to minimize OR movement and surgeon disruptions with the ability to edit and change any intra-operative settings from a single touch panel. 

Future-ready OR

  • 4K video routing today, ready for 8K and beyond
  • Plug and play functionality seamlessly connects your devices
  • Modular, scalable and upgradeable2

Delivers clinical value

  • Staff command the room from a centrally-located, intuitive user interface
  • Connected device control improves efficiency and intraoperative workflow2

Multiple install options

  • Available Zero Footprint OR reduces clutter and creates more space
  • Minimizes clinical impact and makes service easier2

Created to connect.
The Connected OR 
Operating System

Stryker’s iSuite offers a combination of equipment and software that transforms the traditional operating room into a modern, state-of-the-art surgical environment, empowering your surgical teams. 

Control your tomorrow, by connecting today. 

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