McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope

McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope

Make your first attempt your best

Optimize your first-attempt success when compared to direct laryngoscopy1,2 while helping reduce exposure to support safety.3,4

Built tough. Easy to use.

Built tough for EMS and designed to reinforce paramedics’ direct laryngoscopy skills, the McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope offers EMS providers an easy-to-implement, cost-effective solution to improve visualization and airway management.


Helping protect you and your patients during intubation

Video laryngoscopy used in EMS supports first-attempt success of airway intubation. Research shows video laryngoscopy can help prevent clinician exposure to droplet-borne pathogens and further improve your safety.3 Recent guidelines highlight the risks of contracting COVID-19 among those caring for infected patients.3 The guidelines recommend airway management clinicians take precautions to further protect against droplet-borne pathogens.3 The McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope is proven to improve first-time success rate, reduce time and lessen hemodynamic response to intubation when compared to the traditional direct visualization technique.1-2,5-6
Product image of the next-generation McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope on a while background

Proven technology

The next-generation McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope is an enhanced, more robust device designed for routine use in fast-paced hospital and EMS environments. The latest design offers:

  • Enhanced optics
  • Increased durability
  • Intelligent battery management

Evolving a familiar technique

The McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope combines line-of-sight video from its portrait display with the familiar Macintosh technique, so you retain your traditional laryngoscopy skills.

Two EMTs use the McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope on a young patient in the field
Close-up view of the McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope blade on a white background

Simple. Smart. Versatile. 

  • Minute-by-minute battery indication and auto-off optimize battery life
  • One handle has multiple blade options
  • Use for pediatric and adult patients for both routine and extreme airways7,8

See clearly. Every time.

  • 2X light spread 
  • 3X brighter camera
  • 4X the resolution
An EMT is shown using the McGRATH MAC video laryngoscope on a patient in the field

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